Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas All Year - ImpatientDieter's Guilt-Inspired Weekly Giveaways

Hi guys! Sorry I've been gone so long! I've had a bunch of new developments in my life. I apologize for leaving y'all hanging. I feel like a Mother Hen who has failed you. I must take a chapter from the "Guilty Mother Handbook" and distract you guys with new shiny objects. :) I'll be out of town until the 3rd week in January. After that, I'll have a giveaway every week in 2012 to thank you and to keep you motivated to reach your goals. New videos coming, new authors, new tips, new website... but most importantly, a lot of new gifts for you! More info on my blog. Happy Holidays. Luv y'all! :)


Yes, bitches, I met a man and now I don't have time for your behinds! LOL Don't you hate chicks like that? They get a man and totally forget you exist. Well, turns out I'm one of them! Sorry, guys. Y'all know I have an addictive personality... no sense of moderation... pretty much O.D. on everything... which apparently includes relationships. Plus, you guys know I'm a workaholic... and I had some family issues... I just needed to take a break from youtube, though I didn't mean for the break to last this long! Luckily for you guys, I was raised with an unhealthy sense of guilt when I don't meet my obligations, so I'm going to wipe my guilt away by giving you a bunch of free stuff. First of all, everything will be purchased by me. I don't do "Sponsors." So this really will be *ME* thanking you for your support and encouraging you to push forward on whatever path you're on. Actually... umm... it may be you doing the purchasing! To be honest, I don't picture myself wrapping up a bunch of stuff and mailing it around the country. So I probably will showcase whatever I'm giving away in the video, but just mail you a Visa Gift Card or Money Order so you can buy it yourself. LOL Yes, that's tacky, but y'all should be used to my country behind by now. I'm going to make a quick video each week with a health tip and a product to give away. The only thing I ask of the recipient is that you please comment "I Won" on the video, so I can reply to it and have it show up on top. I should be home by Jan. 18 and plan to have the first video up Jan. 21.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, everyone. I have a bunch of new video ideas, books I've read, products I've tried, etc. I'm updating my website right now, but it will be completely redone later. I may shoot a quick video while I'm on vacation and post it. But if I don't, let me take the time now to wish you all "Happy Holidays" and I'll see you in 2012... wow... 2012.... sounds so spooky! LOL :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Motivation: Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Hey Guys! ABC has a great new show you should check out. You can watch it even if you don't own a TV (like me) online on the ABC website. It's called "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition." The participants are all super-morbidly obese and go through a one-year weight-loss transformation, followed by skin removal surgery. The show is inspirational and motivational. The participants are dedicated, but have ups and downs throughout the year. The transformations are downright astounding. Plus, ABC has found the perfect life coach to guide them. Chris Powell specializes in weight-loss life transformations. He's firm, loving, encouraging... and he's hot as hell. If nothing else, just watch for the clips where he takes his shirt off. Anyway, I put a clip below, but watch full episodes here:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video I'm Not a Crazy Person, I'm a Very Well Educated Person: Hilarious Argument on Metro North Railroad

LOL I unleashed this video on the world! I used to be active on a few blogs, and while I don't have time for that anymore, I still occasionally send them human-interest stories. Anyway, I found this video a few nights ago on YouTube while searching for subway videos. (I know you think I'm slacking on creating videos, but I actually do work on them a little bit almost every night. I was searching for footage of people on subways--actually disgusting subway floors--to add clips to my "Make Your Home a No-Shoe Zone" PSA that I'm creating to add to the end of all future videos.) Anyway, the video had about 40 views. A commuter was politely asked by the conductor to lower her voice and refrain from using profanity. The commuter responds by pridefully proclaiming her upper-crust status stating, "Excuse me, do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?" An amusing back-and-forth exchange ensued and her final words before the video ended were, "That's why you people work at a train!"

I sent the video to Huffington Post, Tosh.0, Gawker, Yahoo, Barstools, and a few others, with my commentary to open a discussion on the issue of "Classism" in America. The original video had a different title, but the title of my article was, "I'm Not a Crazy Person, I'm a Very Well Educated Person: Hilarious Argument on Metro North Railroad." (As you guys know, I call everything "hilarious.") I woke up the next morning and the friggin video was EVERYWHERE! I googled my title, and tons of blogs picked up the story. The original video was removed, but a copy of the video, bearing my article's title, received over 2 million views in 1 day (that video has also been removed). Many copies are floating around, but if you haven't seen it, watch below. (If this video gets removed, just google my article's title.)

It's an important issue because unlike racism, sexism, ageism, etc., "classism" is universal. Regardless of who you are, what you look like, or where you live, you've most likely experienced someone looking down their nose, believing they possess some quality that makes them superior. Pretty much everyone would have a visceral reaction to witnessing a person assert their superiority based on their station in life. However, if I hurled the "N" word at a Caucasian, they wouldn't react; if I called a man a "tramp," he wouldn't be fazed; if I called a 14-year-old girl "a wrinkled hag," she wouldn't care. Classism, being a universal experience, makes it, curiously, an even greater social offense. It could open a conversation enabling many to empathize when witnessing other forms of discrimination. I was right (as usual... lol) because just viewing this brief display struck a worldwide nerve. Blogs all over from Gawker to Huffpo to Tosh.0 lit up with thousands of comments. The readers of Yahoo left over 16,000 comments and Anderson Cooper even added her to his "RidicuList":

Anyway, I said all this to say, I may open a second channel to do humorous social vlogs on issues other than weight/body image/product reviews. This isn't the first time blogs have picked up stories I've submitted, but this is definitely the most viral, and I've actually been feeling the pull to go in this direction for quite awhile. Also, vlog videos are much easier than my production videos, so I could have a more consistent YouTube presence. Plus, I'm pretty skilled at finding interesting stories and I think you all would enjoy my commentary. After all, do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scar & Eczema Series: Daily Vlog Compilation

ImpatientDieter Scar Series:
Well, as soon as I got rid of my chest scar, my gotdang eczema came back. Thankfully, it healed in record time again. I'm telling y'all who have eczema, DMSO & MSM combined with Visualization & Subliminal Messages is real next-level healing... but keep using that steroid cream if you want to! LOL I did that crap for years too.

Anyway, I'm recording daily video clips treating my scar and I'll post a monthly compilation. If you have scars you want to treat, you can follow my journey. In the next video, I'm going to show how light this new scar is in comparison to a new scar I have on my bewb. I was out in the back-water, uncivilized wilderness (otherwise known as North Florida), when some prehistoric bug somehow bit through my shirt, through my bra, and snacked on my bewb! I did not treat that bite with DMSO & MSM and you will see how dark that scar is in comparison to this new eczema scar that I've been treating since Day 1.

New Mom / Money Series
The number one email I'm getting is from people saying that they want to buy products but are short on funds. Either they're new moms, students, or just need to conserve money. So, I've wanted to do a New Mom Series for a while anyway (because you guys are huge supporters), and I'm going to show y'all an EASY WAY to earn a lot of side income just going to Thrift Stores and listing items on Alibris, Amazon, Ebay, Half. I did that years ago. Great for SAH Moms, students, part-time job for teens, or just side weekend income. There are some tips & tricks to maximize your earnings. There's a "Square Way" to do it and a "Grimy Way" to do it. I'll show y'all both -- but the more grimy you are, the more money you make.

Product Reviews
They are coming, but let me first post my money series, so everyone can buy products and no one will feel left out.

1 Minute Health Tips
The shorter my videos, the more views they get. I'm going to try a little experiment to give you guys tips like I did in the early days... but keep my videos under 1 minute. We'll see how that goes... LOL

New Fashion Body Shots
I have tons of costumes I need to make videos for, but many of you are asking for just everyday fashion outfits. I'm not a "beauty" vlogger, but I realize that's what many of them do. First of all... YAWN-FEST... j/k. But seriously, the truth is I don't wear snazzy fashions; I've STILL just been schlepping! I know you guys think when you lose your weight you're going to walk around constantly dressed like Britney Spears... but let me let you in on a secret... the girls who dress that way, don't let a little think like "weight" stop them from dressing that way! LOL If you were going to be all hoochied out, you'd be dressing like that right now! Anyway, I did some shopping for sexy, everyday fashions, and I'll do an "Outfit Of The Week" once I get into a schedule.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LOL I Was On TV!

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille...

Damn, ABC, why couldn't y'all show a clip of me looking half-way decent? Y'all mufuggas had to search through ancient videos of me looking a hot ass mess!

Two things:
1. I did not do the 17-Day Diet.
2. This is only going to fuel my haters' rumors that I am a professional actress/model being paid to diet. Side note: notice how that is the only rumor I have NEVER denied! LOL If you haters truly believe I look like an actress or model... by all means feel free to continue believing that. In fact, I feel it is your duty to spread that rumor far and wide! LOL

Shout Out to CannonChirps for sending me the video; this gave me a much needed laugh! I won't forget you when I'm in Hollywood. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Use The Spring Equinox (March 20) To Manifest Your Desires

Hola Party People and Happy New Year! Yes, the Spring Equinox marks the true start of a new year. I've already posted a video on this topic last year. The only thing that has changed is obviously the time of the Equinox. See the notes below to determine when it happens in your time zone.

And yes, the old addage/caveat "be careful what you wish for" is DEFINITELY in full effect when practicing this manifestation technique. I, of course, wanted to more money... well with that comes MORE WORK. As y'all have seen, I am literally swamped/suffocated/buried by work, and more opportunities are constantly coming to me. Also, a friend of mine did this technique; he wanted romance. Well, he's now a father and forever tied to a woman he's not certain he wants to spend his life with. SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Also, this teacher, Barbara Hand Clow, mentioned that the "Holiday Season" would be particularly difficult to handle, because you will be on a different "Manifestation Seasonal Schedule" than everyone else around you. Umm... "difficult to handle" is the understatement of the year. At the risk of revealing the true wretched family member that I am, this holiday season was absolutely greuling for me.

But it certainly feels like a new beginning. Things are starting to settle and new projects are starting for me. Use the creative energies of this time to manifest your desires. Happy New Year! :)


Free "Theatre of the Mind Podcast" with Barbara Hand Clow:
Listen to this & practice this technique during The Spring Equinox.
Manifestation & The Spring Equinox


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! WOOOO! Yes, the Spring Equinox marks the true start of a new year. It's a new beginning; a fresh start; don't miss this opportunity! We are entering 3 months of deep creative energy. If you have experienced difficulty attaining your New Year's Goals year after year, try this spectacular technique for manifestation given by Mayan Elder, Barbara Hand Clow. Use the creative energies present right now to manifest your desires this year. This 3-month period is designated for beginning new projects. I lucked-up into it! I began my weight loss in May... thank goodness! And I most definitely reaped the benefits of all the creative energy present at this time. Plus prior to starting my plan, I was doing a ton of research right during this creative time period. Definitely take a listen; she explains each of the four "3-month periods" throughout the year & how each period is going to help you manifest your desires. Right now is the beginning of the 3 months of creation, where you start new projects, affirm your desires, & make your resolutions. Keep your eyes open to opportunities. Many things will begin coming to you now in order to manifest your desires. This is all kick-started when the Zodiac resets at the Spring Equinox.


It falls on March 20th or 21st each year. This year, it's March 20, 2011 at 23:21:00 Universal Time (UTC). It is different depending on Your Time Zone. For me, it is March 20th, 7:21 pm EDT, and I'm going to be meditating like a mug! Click Here to Convert 23:21:00 Universal Time (UTC) on March 20, 2011 to Your Time Zone:

This marks the true "New Year." Many creative energies are present to help you achieve your goals that were not present when you tried to manifest them in January -- that's a different set of energy (she will explain). But now is the time to make your resolutions. Embrace the energy. Visualize, meditate, vibrate, create! Commit yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in your creative power. Most of all: Believe it will work. Your life is created by your beliefs. The energies are here waiting to be used by you. Manifest Your Goal Body & Become an 11 in 2011! WOOO!

Yes, and that's working out so well for you isn't it?! There is nothing "New" about Astrology. The very atoms that make up your being were forged in stars; with such an intimate connection, perhaps it would behoove us to understand them a little, no? However, if what you're doing is working for you, by all means, keep doing it. As with everything in life, we all need to find our individual paths. Buuuttt... for a phenomenon as universal as "failed New Year's Resolutions," logic would suggest there must be a universal link. Many hard-working, dedicated, determined people fail year after year... the explanation could be as simple as the timing in which those resolutions are made. Wouldn't you like to find out? Can't hurt to give it a try. Oh, shut your trap & open your mind, you ole fuddy-duddy! Or you can continue your bland, boring, non-creative existence! I, however, will be rocking out with the energies March 20th! WOOO!

Yes. The problem is I am actually speaking in those videos and not twirling around in my underwear, so no one actually watches them. If you are interested in more videos like this one, please visit and get enlightened teachers in your head!

Barbara Hand Clow:

Interested in DMA? Catch Kelly Howell's interview with Robert Fritz here:
She has the most intriguing guests; bookmark her site. Her Podcast introduced me to my (and your) Guru, Marc Allen!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Lose 20+ Pounds in a Week - ImpatientDieter Colon Health & Review Series

My latest video is up. I spent quite a bit of time on it, so I hope you guys like it. If not, please let me know... make sure to leave a comment or email so I can block your ass! Working on more videos, y'all. They'll be up soon.

Want to lose 5 to 20 pounds? Well, that's what the average person is carrying around right now in the form of waste in their colon. YUCK! Those of you who go days on end without a "movement," are doing damage to every system in your body... and you're on the road to doing a bad Elvis Presley impression. Not to mention, Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading killer cancer for Americans. We definitely need to get serious about our colon health.

Eleotin Cleanse:

Impatient Dieter Colon Cleanse Product Review Series
In this series, I will be reviewing colon cleansing products & fiber supplements. Time to clear out that "dead weight" & become 11s in 2011! :)

I began with the most expensive product, Eleotin Cleanse & Detox. My full product review will come next month. So far, I am very impressed. I did not expect such a huge "effect" because I do eat pretty healthfully. However, this cleanse is extraordinary. I cannot say enough good things about it, and almost everything about their business is perfect: great product, nice website, lightning-fast shipping (I didn't even choose express shipping). However, should you need to correspond with them, that is their one negative strike. I will warn their email response time is exceptionally slow. Full review next month.

Metamucil Fiber Cinnamon Spice Fiber Wafers Review
One word: delicious! I showed them, but had to edit that section out due to the video's length. Now please note, along with being a cleanse, Eleotin HAS FIBER in it. I'm stressing that, because if you take in too much fiber, you will experience the exact opposite effect of what you desire from a cleanse. You will become extremely bloated & "backed up." Fiber is in all plant foods. So be very conscious of the amount of fiber you're taking in through your diet, should you decide to do this cleanse.

Subliminal Messages
They can help in every aspect of your life, including your health. If you have doubts about whether subliminal messages will work, download their FREE album. Play it at night while you're sleeping. If you don't experience changes in your behavior, thoughts, and attraction, then you aren't out anything. But if you do experience changes, just imagine how great it would be to get their other albums for specific areas of your life you want to improve.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Reason You're Fat = Carbs and Insulin Resistance

Later this year, I'll do a series on carbohydrates, because eating them is the true reason we are fat. The "Fat Makes You Fat" lie is being exposed by countless medical professionals, yet I get emails every day from those of you who fear eating fat. Comedian and Nutrition Ninja, Tom Naughton, really shines the light on the Fat Myth in his move "Fat Head." I ordered the DVD and I'll give you guys my review when it gets here, but from the preview clips on youtube, it looks like a kick-ass film. I'll put some links below to get the DVD, but he posted an OUTSTANDING, 5-part lecture on Carbs and Insulin Resistance (the best lecture I've ever seen on the subject). Make sure to watch his complete lecture, but I'm going to embed my favorite part below where he cites a study in which fat mice STARVED to death WITHOUT burning their body fat due to the body's insulin response.

His Site:
Fat Head DVD:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clearing The Sh** Out of Your Life

Hey Guys! I'm currently working on the Colon Health video and *crosses fingers* will hopefully have that up this coming week. Please bear with me as my schedule is finally slowing down after the holidays. It's actually quite timely, since it's the start of 2011, to discuss getting rid of the crap in your life. I'm going to be talking about "clearing out crap" in the literal sense during my Colon Health Series, but figuratively speaking, you need to clear out the crap that is impeding your weight loss as well. One of which may in fact be toxic people. People who constantly tell you they have no faith you will succeed, continually put you down, and tell you what an embarassment you are while they recount all of your past failures... them pesky MFs GOT TO GO.

Like the rest of the world, I am absolutely enamored with Ted Williams. He's had two years clean, has been given an amazing chance at redemption, and is planning to rebuild his life. Why am I bringing him up? Because he has a toxic beast in his life who, if he does not get away from, will most certainly drive him to use within a month: His "Mother." I can look past a lot. I can look past the AP interview where instead of being appreciative her homeless son was discovered and would finally get off the streets, she instead donned a fur coat, recounted all of his past failures, and said how embarassed she was. I can look past the tearless, hugless, repitilian "welcome home" she gave her own child after a 20-yr separation, greeting him with the words "Don't disappoint me," and making continuous comments about his physical appearance. What I cannot look past is the interview below, where this narcissistic, self-absorbed, appearance-obsessed "mother" repeatedly shakes her head and makes it crystal clear that she values the opinions of others far more than the welfare, safety, and future success of her own damn child. I'm so hot right now... seething after watching the video below. Please, please hear me: you have THE WORST addiction there is because you can never walk away from food; therefore, this is THE ONLY addiction you are forced to overcome. If you are struggling to overcome this addiction, and you have someone like this in your life who continuously states they have no faith in you, is downright flippant about your future success, and is more obsessed with their own image in the eyes of the world than your health... GET AS FAR AWAY FROM THOSE TOXIC PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anti-Aging, New Booty, Colostrum, Antler Velvet, Compression Suits

Hey Guys! Well it looks like I was too impatient. The video appears to have finally published after 3 days--I knew that would happen as soon as I put the other one up, that's why I didn't take the original down right away. Anyway, video and notes are below.

If one more person asks me where they can find product links, I'm petitioning Youtube to require an IQ Test! Seriously? I have a tiny block of time to answer mail & I'm months behind; dammit man, I don't have the time for this nonsense. If you can't find my product links, after I've spent hours creating my videos and inserted large finger graphics pointing toward the links... UNSUBSCRIBE!
My email is to be used only for the following 4 purposes:
1. Telling me how great I am;
2. Telling me what an inspiration I am;
3. Telling me how fabulous I look;
4. Clever, original, humorous hate mail. (No duds please. Haters, I'm a Boss Bitch with Brains, Beauty, and Booty; step your troll game up accordingly.)
Almost anything else you can possibly think to ask has been answered on a 24-page website or in 141 friggin videos.

Welcome to ImpatientDieter's Anti-Aging Series. Clearly, Impatient Dieter is becoming a cranky old bag. Follow this spinster attempt to reverse her aging process & onery disposition. For links to all products and more info on my regimen, visit the link above.

Subliminal Messages: Your subconscious controls 95-99% of everything you do. Replace your tired, stifling, negative programs with positive, life-giving, creative ones. Visualization: See it in your mind; manifest it in your life.

Z90X Weight Loss Routine:
Type Z Toning:
Callan Pinckney is a Beast! I luv her! Follow my progress using Callanetics and Compression Suits.

Many brands! I'll review them; you decide what's best for you. The ones I'm taking are $22 & I've never had more energy!

Again, credit to Daniel Vitalis for his teachings on Colostrum & Antler Velvet. Time for Real Talk: I love all you subscribers & I understand many of you raw foodists have issues with him, but I'm personally a fan. Controversial or not, Daniel Vitalis is an unparalleled source of research, powerhouse speaker & phenomenal motivator. I love all his teachings... except that water malarkey. As a germaphobe, R.O. Water trumps Spring Water; getting water out of a random stream or pool is straight filthy. But everything else, I'm right with him. I find him to be a well-read, honorable figure. I tried unsuccessfully to get in contact with that *ahem* "conscious promoter" of his so I could use some video clips to address your guys' questions/concerns/dislikes, because I want y'all to feel as confident in his message as I do--but whatever, forget her. Daniel is a spectacular teacher to follow; strong character; courageously pioneering a new path; engaging speaker; killer tats; individual style; looks like he's rapping when he talks. I put him on the same level as Philip McCluskey, and y'all know how much I love him. Phillip is a King & together, they're the best examples for us on Youtube. Obviously, if you're watching my videos, you aren't the picture of perfect health. Anyone can be a critic & cast stones. I've researched the Raw Teachers many of you believe I should be promoting instead; and guess what, Daniel is right: a lot of what they teach is NOT supported by research, which is why they NEVER reference any when they speak. I've never seen such a thing! These people post videos all over telling you what to put in your body & don't cite a single source; a Jr. High Speech & Debate Team doesn't do that! The only thing the other raw teachers have that Daniel doesn't are professional promoters. With the right PR, Daniel would be on TV & you would be telling stories about how you met him at a raggedy coffee house once. Bottom line: I'll continue to present folks who are good compasses for us. Daniel Vitalis & Phillip McCluskey are hands-down leaders of the pack; there isn't a soul on YouTube who has accomplished as much or lived the lives they have. Subscribe to them: "DanielVitalis" & "LovingRaw". I'll be referencing them a lot in the coming year.

Many for 2011. CellFood Skin Gel & Super Skin Serum are incredible! Can't believe how my laugh line diminished. Can't wait to do 30-day update.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally a Raw Foodist Shows The Truth of Wild Spring Water

When you see these delusional people going around gathering "wild" spring water, you want to scream, "Hold up, son... You have no idea what has been done to that water before you got to it." It turns out, the truth is more sickening. Even when they see with their own eyes something revolting done in the water RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, these entranced zombies will still gather it and drink it! I'm going to embed a video below. You guys know me; I was going to exploit the comedy of this clip, and it would be hilarious if it weren't so repugnant. Daniel Vitalis takes these people to his "sacred" spring pond. They are gathering wild spring water TO DRINK, and this man films his friend stick her feet in it. The only thing more vile than this woman sticking her feet in the spring water she is watching people gather for drinking, are the wimps lacking the balls to stand up and tell her to take her filthy feet out of it! And what's truly gross... THEY DRINK IT! You actually see people drinking it. Drinking this woman's toe-jam, funk, and parasites! Yeesh... had to shake off my chills! Now y'all know I'm a germaphobe, but this is the next level of nasty! This was done in public... can you imagine what is done in this water when no one is looking? We will discuss Reverse Osmosis Water, but I am SOOOOO anti-wild spring water for this very reason. Not only does it clearly make you a complete wimp; it's just filthy! This is why Wayne Gendel teaches, it is UNSANITARY to be going around gathering wild spring water.
You can skip to time 2:07

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hit The Lottery Again... well kinda...

Hey, I celebrate every win! So anyway, this week I decided to change my lottery strategy. Scratch-offs are fun, but with the same $1 you spend on them, you could actually be playing some numbers and hit the state Lotto Jackpot! So I decided to forgo the scratch-offs and instead spend that money playing a bunch of different number combinations. Of course, I loyally listen to my Attract Money Subliminal Messages and Win The Lottery Subliminal Album. In Florida, we have the Lotto Wednesday and Saturday. I was just going to play them on Saturday, but since I had to stop for gas anyway, I thought up a bunch of numbers and decided to go ahead and play Wed & Sat for the next 2 weeks. So I got my pre-paid ticket and -- drumroll -- my new lottery strategy already paid off! My ticket was half-full again! WOOO! On one of my plays I got two numbers, which means I get a free ticket, but... on another one of my plays I got half the lottery numbers! OK, Millions of people play and don't win a thing; that's how the jackpot increases. Do you realize the odds of getting half of the numbers? Well, I did it AGAIN! WOOOOO! Y'all think I'm playin, I am going to hit the friggin lottery, you watch! If anyone is going to hit the lottery, it will be my crazy behind, because you guys know I believe in all this positive energy and subliminal stuff! Anyway, I'll give you guys an update next week... from my castle in Ireland! HAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is Now The Florida Lottery Blog! I Won Again!

This has officially become The Florida Lottery Blog! LOL Anyway, in an effort to break my hard-core Bingo addiction, I have ultimately gained a new addiction. As you guys know, if you have been following this blog, I have been listening to Attract Money Subliminal Messages and the Win The Lottery Subliminal Album. Anyway, in every gas station, they have these reels of scratch-off tickets. Well, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would spend $7 per week on lottery -- buying five $1 scratch-off game tickets and one lotto ticket with the extra. Well obviously, I have not hit the lotto, because I'm actually writing this instead of cruising around the world with some random pool boy. But with my scratch-off tickets, I have been killing it! During the first week, I won 3 out of the 5 tickets. Last week, I won 4 out of the 5 tickets. This week, I decided to document it. As you can see, I won 4 out of the 5 tickets. Now we're not talking huge money, but I typically don't have luck like this. And Dr. Dyer says, even if you see a penny, you should pick it up and thank the Universe for putting it in your path. You never say, "What, God... only a penny?" Because the amount of money is irrelevant; it's the energy that the money and the gratitude for it represent. Anyway, you should see the huge smile on my face when I'm scratching them thangs off! The guy at the gas station I go to (My Lucky Gas Station) says, "What are you doing? How do you win every time?" LOL I'm telling you, it's the Attract Money and Lottery Subliminal Messages. I am a Money Magnet! HAHAHAHA! Umma mess around and hit the lottery, you watch! And you guys will see my loud behind on TV going, "WOOOOOOOO!" And they will air it... and AutoTuneTheNews will make a song about me! LOL OK, I'll give y'all an update next week! :)

My Subliminal Messages Series:

Thursday, August 26, 2010


...well actually, I got half of the lottery... numbers, that is! LOL But I still won! I'm happy! OK, I'm working on a bunch of other videos right now and all my series will begin in September, but had to share this with y'all real quick, especially since so many of you are interested in the Money Subliminal Messages.

Anyway, I have a pretty addictive personality. Typically, I express mine by being a workaholic, but I started listening to the Win The Lottery Subliminal Album and had a fabulous run at Bingo one night! Now, this would be great for a "balanced personality," but for an "addictive-type" like myself, well... I quickly went from being a casual, once-every-few-months Bingo player to being a twice-a-week addict! Me and my new-found Senior Citizen Besties were the first to arrive and the last to leave. Anyway, after a few weeks of this nonsense, I decided last week that I needed to break my habit and I tweeted to you guys that I wasn't going last weekend... but I play my Subliminal Albums Playlist in the background constantly. Well, in Florida, we have the lottery twice a week: Wednesday and Saturday. I don't play the "real" lottery; I just play Bingo... hey, it's a Florida thing. But anyway, I had the strong urge to buy a real lottery ticket yesterday... AND I WON... well not the jackpot, but I got half of the numbers, plus I got the "Xtra Draw," so I won $25 biggins (see the video below). I'm telling you guys, I am attracting money all over the place! Now, granted, it wasn't the big one... but hey, that's $25 Bucks! WOOOOO! What sucks is, I got half the numbers... so why don't I get half the $15 million? lolz

Anyway, Plain and Simple: Their Subliminal Messages Rock!
They have everything from "Attract Money in Abundance" to "Win The Lottery" to "Change Your Beliefs About Money". I'm going to give you guys my reviews of all during this series. I'm so happy... my ticket was half-full! WOOOO!

My Subliminal Messages Series:

Thursday, August 19, 2010


OK, as you guys know, my orthodontist is correcting my overbite with retainers. My teeth are looking great -- only a few more months left to go -- video coming next week. Anyway, I was brushing my teeth when I heard something fall... a light "click" sound on the floor. I was in a rush and wasn't paying attention, when suddenly my foot crunched something. I looked down, and it was my top retainer! UUUUGGHHH!! So I visited my orthodontist's office and was told by his assistants it would cost me $300 to get a replacement and would set back my "Operation Buck Teeth" for one month while they ordered a new one. Well, as you guys know, I have been listening to Law of Attraction Subliminal Messages, one of which is this --> Attract Money. For some odd reason, I handed the assistant my retainer before leaving because I didn't know if they needed it for comparison or something when the new one came in. She gave me her typical condescending grin--ufgh... I don't like those chicks! Anyway, my orthodontist is a friggin genius. He had his office call me in the afternoon to say he looked at it and he might be able to simply repair it. So yesterday, I was presented with this (see the video below). You can still see the crack down the center, but that's just because the acrylic is translucent. Anyway, he repaired it by adding acrylic over the top and bottom... SAVING ME $300 BIGGINS, SON! WOOOOO! I'm telling you guys, I have been attracting money all over the place! These Subliminal Messages Rock! I have also been listening to the "Win The Lottery" Messages and I would brag about my Bingo winnings but I had to back off of going... I was becoming a bit of an addict... I was arriving there even before the old people in wheelchairs... plus I'm loud as hell and they all wear hearing aids... my "WOOO"s don't go over well at all!

And... wait a second... I have been attracting money for you guys too! For everyone interested in getting a heavy-duty latex compression suit, I have been in contact with this fabulous company who is offering Total Body Compression Suits With Latex for only $30! Yes, the latex ones... $30. They offer a bunch of others too that I ordered -- some that are hard-core like the Body Magic (with a hook-and-eye closure underneath the zipper), and they even have some that come with booty pads! lolz Now seeing me with booty pads is going to be friggin' hilarious! Y'all don't want to miss this series. They even have some that make your boobs look bigger. Anyway, we'll discuss them all in my Compression Suit Series, starting in a few days -- this is gonna be A LOT of fun. View my Compression Suit Page for details.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Support Canadian Inspirational Mom Entrepreneur!

Hey Canadian Viewers! Just a quick favor. There is a fabulous, Inspirational Teacher and Coach who has supported me from Day One of my journey! Her name is Natalie and her positive life energy is truly out of this world! Like many of you, she is a mother and she has entered a Canadian Mom Entrepreneur Contest that would not only change her and her children's lives, but enable her to expand her business and change the lives of many others. She deserves to win! Please take 5 minutes out of your day to share your love and light by simply casting a vote for her. Since Voters will also be entered to win Canadian monetary prizes, you must be a Canadian Resident to vote (so if you have a friend or relative in Canada, please ask them to do so... you guys are my only Canadian friends, so I'm asking you! :) It's a Quick, Easy, Type Z Way for us to get some more light in this world... ehh!


Thanks guys! Luv y'all! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Linda Eaves & My Goodie Basket

This is my first interactive post! Read the column on the left & play the short videos on the right.
I am testing out Youtube's new "Private/Unlisted" video setting. LOL

So, I keep a basket of items to return to the store, next to my front door. This basket is comically referred to as my "Return Basket," but is in fact my "Goodie Basket." My friends can always look forward to leaving with random loot, because I never actually return anything to stores. In fact, everyone from plumbers to air conditioning repair men have benefitted from my "Return Basket"; everyone, that is, except me... until now! This weekend, my guests were instead greeted by a basket that looked like this...

Much to their chagrin, everything was returned... well almost everything... I didn't return that horrid Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Even though the lady told me over the phone I could. I don't know, I just felt weird walking in there with a razor I already used! It's been in the bathtub with me; it's seen my boobs! Anyway, as a side note: If you can find one, the Gillette Mach 3 Power--it's the green one--which I have owned since 2005, is truly what's up. That dreadful Gillette Fusion is NOT!

Anyway with my returns, I scored a cool $110... and these are my receipts to prove it. These are all Walmart receipts, but I folded over the address section because I live in rural Florida, and I don't want to run into any of you there... you've seen my boobs! LOL Anyway, as a side note: most of Florida is rural as hell. Those of you who expect to see Mickey Mouse and Voluptuous, Will Smith-type, Miami Senoritas everywhere, will be sorely surprised when you come here and meet us "Real Ones!"

Anyway, if you aren't certain, there are in fact 5 ways to tell if you live in country-ass, rural Florida...

You have HomeDepot, Lowes & TractorSupply, but no Gaps
Your "next-door" neighbor lives a half a mile away.
You have 5 BBQ Restaurants but no Chinese Restaurants.
Your neighbor has 5 cars and only 1 of them runs.
Your backyard looks like this...

Now you Twitterers see why I'm always whining about spiders. Yes, the peace and tranquility of rural Florida totally rocks... until that peace is shattered by prehistoric, Tyrannosaurus Rex, hairy, overweight, 8-legged beasts, bred in the Amazonian Rain Forest you call a backyard!

So what was my inspiration to make myself richer? Well, as you guys know, I have been listening to Attract Money In Abundance Subliminal Messages, and I've been getting this strong urge to at least calculate up how much money I just pretty much throw away. I justify my "Goodie Basket" with, "oh, but I'm giving stuff away..." In reality, it is an act of not valuing yourself and your own needs.

So I sent out a little tweet asking if anyone actually returned things to stores. And of course, an up-and-coming teacher, Ms. Perfect... err... Ms. Linda Eaves, answered. She recommended that I put my receipts in my car and return all that stuff.

So, I decided to take her advice. I called ahead of time to warn them I had a basket full of items and receipts. They laughed and told me to bring it in. Thanks to Ms. Linda Eaves' wisdom & encouragement, I'm $110 richer today... well a few Miami Male Review Strippers are... just kidding! Anyway, everyone check her out and support Youtube-grown teachers. She's 146 lbs lighter and a fabulous teacher specializing in... well... everything!!! And from puppies, to karaoke, to home painting, she welcomes you to join in and enjoy her exciting life journey. Don't miss her new Series "52 Ways To Be Your Lover!" :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Should" vs. "Could"

If you have spent the $5 to download Louise Hay's, "You Can Heal Your Life" Audiobook, you may have been struck by her "Should" vs. "Could" teaching. It's waaaay too early in the morning, so I'm not going to re-state her teaching accurately, but it goes like this:
She believes that the word "Should" needs to be removed from the language. Whenever you say "Should" you are in effect saying "wrong"... "you're wrong." Making yourself wrong is not empowering. It keeps you stuck, trapped, in a vicious circle. When you make yourself wrong, you attract more and more instances of you being wrong. You never get out. You stay stuck and repeat your patterns over and over, because you are bad... you are wrong. (Does this sound like your Weight Loss Journey?) She believes the word "Could" needs to replace "Should." "Could" gives you Choice. "Could" gives you Power. Instead of saying "I should... do this or that," say: "If I really wanted to, I could... do this or that." So anyway, she has her clients make a "Should List": a list of all the things you "Should be doing" or "Should have done." She then has them read each one aloud, but instead of saying "Should" they must begin each item with "If I really wanted to, I could..." This puts a whole new energy on it. And after each of these statements they read aloud, she gently asks them, "Why haven't you?" The answer is ALWAYS the same... it may take a while to get to it... but the answer is always the same: "Because I don't deserve it"... "Because I'm not worthy"... "Because I'm not good enough"... that is always what lies at the core of every problem, people. I am typing this at 5:00am because I just went through a slew of "Half-the-year-is-over-and-I-SHOULD-have-lost-weight" emails (yes, I'm 2 months behind in emails! LOL) Anyway, people, your language HAS POWER. Words HAVE POWER. Sound is literally a wave of POWER. "Should" cripples you. It removes your power. Replace it with "Could"... if I really wanted to exercise today, I could... if I really wanted to get this weight off, I could... if I really wanted to become a 10, I could. So everyone: Make your "Should List"... Replace it with "Could"... Then gently ask yourself, "Why haven't you?"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't Even Have The Strength To Complain!

I will post a rant on the hours of life siphoned... devoured... strangled from my existence... trying to get that !%&^#@$ video to output in high resolution. Anyway, it's not going to happen. I may need to go ahead and get Adobe Premiere. I definitely want you guys to be able to see results with the products and I simply can't do that with crappy resolution. This will force me to shoot shorter videos.. which I'm sure is what y'all want anyway. But between the different lighting, outfit colors, text, length, transitions, music, voice-over, etc., there was just no way to get this to output in high resolution... not with my Wal-mart software! UUUUUGGGGHHHH... I don't even have the strength to rant! Anyway, updating my site now and here's my latest video and notes below:

This video is a month old. Sorry guys. Been slowly editing it for a damn month. It has been completed for a week, but due to all of the different clips, skintone, graphics, length, etc., I can't get the thing to output in high res like my Mind Series. Anyway, the last time you saw the tightness of my skin and "My Situation" was this video: (Loose Skin & Stretch Marks - Impatient Dieter's Secret! 10 in 2010 Liquid Diet Weight Loss) shot on piece of $%, poor-excuse for a camera. This video was shot on a high quality camera, from 100 different angles, in high res... and after all that... EPIC FAIL and I was lookin good too! Anyway, introductory videos for my "Body & Skin" Series will be uploaded this week. Working on the following web pages now:

"My Bad Situation" (eczema) is all healed now. I cannot stress what an amazing accomplishment that is. My outbreaks last for months on end and are EXTREMELY resistant to treatment. My chest outbreaks were so resistant my dermatologist performed a biopsy to ensure I only had eczema and not a more serious condition (I show you the keloid from that biopsy in the introductory video). I have NOT visited my dermatologist for this outbreak on my back... to be completely honest, I would have seen him if my insane schedule would have allowed it. REPEAT: I did NOT intentionally avoid the dermatologist to "test out my alternative treatment"; however, my healing is 100% the result of Visualization, LOA Subliminal Messages, DMSO, & MSM Lotion; I haven't had ANY medical intervention. I discuss this in my Scar Series. Now diminishing that huge scar is foremost on my Goal List!

Monthly showcase of prepping skin with DMSO & applying the following products to treat my stretch marks: MSM Lotion, Shea Butter, Trilastin, & elastiCUR Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

Monthly showcase of using anti-aging supplements, as well as prepping my skin with DMSO applying facial creams.

Monthly showcase of Type Z Toning! Wearing on the treadmill and while I sleep. I'll explain why they work so well and record my progress.

With my new MSM regimen, my skin is tighter every day... and I'm giddy with excitement at having real-life haters! WOOOOO! (You Youtube haters blow in comparison!)

Obviously, most sexy costumes are two-piece. The reason the ones I filmed are one-piece was because I wasn't certain if I was going to share my eczema with you guys. I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone. Even though I filmed my eczema, I had second thoughts about it. But as time went by and my Twitterers kept requesting a body shot, I decided I would bare all... probably why I've been subconsciously dragging my feet on editing. And the reason I look raggedier & raggedier with each outfit is because I had to take frequent breaks while filming. Why? Well, I get those lovely hives whenever I have an eczema flare-up. If you've never had hives, fly home tonight and kiss your mother. They are the absolute worst affliction and the sure sign you must have been a Nazi or something in a former life. My welts come sporadically all day and go away within about 20 min, but I definitely didn't want red welts all over my boobs & booty preserved for all eternity! And a final note: I wasn't intentionally sticking my chest out! I didn't realize I was doing that! LOL I look like a 12-yr-old who just got her boobs! And Harry Potter will be worn to celebrate the release of Deathly Hallows. It's my fav, but might get converted to a 2-piece because it is SHORT AS HELL! Links to all outfits will be on my site.

We walk through the filth of the world: Sidewalks, Subways, Truck Stops, Prisons... hey maybe you have a relative to visit, I don’t know... if you don’t remove your shoes, you are tracking all that back into your home. Just as Oprah is raising our consciousness about the need to make your car a No-Phone Zone, I would like for you to make your home a No-Shoe Zone! Tomorrow, look down while you are walking, and note all the muck you walk through... so you're going to track all that back in your house and wallow around in it... NOOOOOOO! So the moment you walk through your door, please remove your gross, disgusting, vile, revolting, germ-laden, parasite-ridden, filthy f-ing shoes! Thank you! More to come about that. You Americans need to cut that sh*t out. It's unsanitary and repulsive!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Subliminal Messages Are No Joke!

OK, I have a shy guy friend who doesn't realize he could actually be quite conceited if he wanted to be. Y'know those types? The ones who don't realize how cute they are? Don't you love those guys! OK, but as a result of this, he is extraordinarily pessimistic, negative, skeptical... and has the nerve to wonder why nothing good ever flows to him. Of course he thinks I'm a fruity dreamer with my head in the clouds with all my talk about positive thinking and whatnot; but I'm loud and crazy so he loves me. Despite being so pessimistic, he is actually friggin' hilarious so we always have a good time. Anyway, that's the background. OK, so, he launches into this comedy routine about how even the raggediest women get compliments all day... How you never see a toothless woman who doesn't have 3 kids... How he overhears his desperate friends hitting on the homeliest women all the time... How he turns around to see the women they're talking to and is like... DAY-YUM! But how even the best looking guys rarely get compliments out of the blue from women. I told him he needs to record some of this crap because he's a friggin stand-up comic but doesn't know it! Anyway, so I'm telling him about Female Attraction Subliminal Messages and how they work... you can imagine how receptive he was to this idea... especially coming from his crazy-ass friend, me! So I said, "Well just let me download some messages for you. If I make you a CD will you play it at night?" He's like, "OK, so I have to listen to birds chirping all night to get women to fall all over me?" I'm like, "Whatever! STFU! Just try it."

Fast forward to about 3 weeks later. OK, I don't answer anything that says "Private"... even though I know some of my friends' calls come through that way on my cell... and I'm kind of a slacker when it comes to playing my voicemails too... I'm horrible people... especially since I went into hibernation trying to learn friggin Photoshop & Flash... trust me, you would all hate me IRL! Anyway, so he shows up at my door and says, "Take this crap back! What the hell is on that?! That is some scarey sh*t!" I'm like, "What happened?" He proceeds to go into this comedy routine about how the makers of these subliminal messages are going to be sued! He's telling me about how he didn't really notice anything at first, but now he can't go through a Walmart checkout line without 75-year-old women riding shopping buggies, telling him how good he smells. I was on the floor, literally rolling around. He's telling me all these stories of what has happened to him in past 3 weeks... most of which I can't repeat in this forum... women standing too close, grinning all up in his grill, rubbing up on him, hovering over him. He's like, "I've been calling your hermit ass to tell you about this... it's like, damn, get these women off me... Now, do they warn you that these don't just work on the women you want?" I'm like, "The women aren't listening to them... it's YOU that's different! Those are the women YOU are attracting! Those are the ones YOU want!" He's like, "Well, I definitely don't want the K-mart cashier with the lazy eye, staring at me with her good eye and barely able to bag my stuff with the other!" I'm like, "Well that must be what you unconsciously believe you deserve. You need to listen to some different messages on self-esteem so you can raise your energy vibration and attract those..." He cuts me off, "HELL NO! I'm not listening to any more of your freaky-ass crap!" I'm like, "I told your behind! I would NEVER IN LIFE listen to attraction subliminal messages! I KNOW what kind of freaks I would attract!"

So anyway, people, let this be a cautionary tale. Make sure you guys are VERY selective with the subliminal messages you download from that site. They are no joke! The weight loss ones are very powerful and I love them (plus, I've been getting great feedback from y'all on them)... BUUUUUTTTT... about the others... Subliminal Messages are nothing to play with; they are implanted DIRECTLY in your subconscious mind. BE CAREFUL with the messages you download from that site. Read the Scripts... Read the FAQs... and for most of you women, I would suggest that you stick to ONLY the weight loss messages for now... especially after reading all your "I hate myself, low self-esteem" emails... Lordamercy, the kind of men y'all would attract! Stick to the weight loss and diet messages and then I'll post some other videos, and we'll discuss graduating to some of the other messages! OK, Love Y'all! :)

**EDIT: Didn't know so many of you did not see the underbar links. No, I do not listen to all of the Weight Loss Messages. These are the 3 Weight Loss Subliminals I listen to:
Motivation To Exercise
Motivation For Diets
Lose Weight Permanently
All Weight Loss Subliminal Messages


Follow This New Monthly Series on: My New Subliminal Messages Page

This is the video where I discuss Subliminal Messages. Please read the underbar notes on Youtube!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mind Week Videos Up!

I go mass hibernation mode when I'm learning something new. The information that average people get friggin' degrees in, I pretty much taught myself with Tutvid's videos! If you don't know who Tutvid is, he is a cruel, corrupt, sadistic Youtuber who quite persuasively convinces average mortals they can do all the incredible crap he does if they just follow tutorials and buy software. I have personal knowledge that Tutvid is going to burn on the Third Layer of Hell! Just kidding. I love him. Check him out and subscribe to him at He's sensational.

Anyway, all 5 of my videos with flash animation have been uploaded. I'll embed them below, but I plan to organize them with notes on a new page of my website:

Epic Video!

This video is totally wrong on about 15 friggin' levels, but it is in fact the funniest video on youtube!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Speechless... That Takes A Lot

I'll post a Text Video either tonight or tomorrow, but figured I'd Blog now.
OK... So, I was listening to one of Marc Allen's archived teleconferences (, when his assistant read this:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do."
-- "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson

To be quite honest I sooooo DID NOT feel "A Course in Miracles." Maybe it was the wrong time in my life; maybe it's her hard-core personality; just something about Marianne Williamson did not connect with me... still doesn't. But I always give credit where credit is due and that is absolutely one of the most brilliant quotes I have ever heard in my life. Literally stopped me in my tracks. And I'm quite certain I've even heard that actual teleconference before... but it was just so timely to hear it now when I'm working on these "mind" videos.

Now, let me stress, there is nothing "religious" about her quotation. "God" just means whatever "God" is to you. Whether it be Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Tao, Source, Energy, Light, The Universe... whatever it is to you... whatever you call "It." You all believe something... even Atheists... you recognize something got you here... something had to create you, even if you believe it is evolution... so interchange "God" with "15 Billion Years of Evolution." Surely you don't believe after 15 billion years of evolution you should be a slave to a food addiction, self-sabatoging, playing small, feeling unworthy... unworthy after 15 Billion Years?! Impossible! So please interchange the word "God" with whatever "God" is to you. Luv y'all! See y'all soon! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Vids In The Works! Stay Tuned!

Hang tight. My new beauty product vids are coming. I've gotten your emails. I know you're all interested in those. It's just that I want to post a couple of "mind" videos for you guys with some practical tools you can use every morning and every evening to elevate your energy and attraction. "Self-Love" plays such a huge role in "Attracting Success." So I really need to break down some practical steps for everyone to do on a daily basis. I'm editing together videos on:
1. Mirror Work (Looking yourself in the eyes and saying "I Love You" every morning)
2. Looking at Your Goals Every Morning (I watch a Powerpoint slide show during Meditation)
3. Vibrating Meditation (Morning & Evening plus a special trick I use to literally vibrate)
4. Gratitude Journal (Just typing 5 quick things at the end of the day--gratitude attracts success)
5. Subliminal Recordings (I listen to these as I sleep -- and yes, they work wonders)

That's it. All Very Type Z. If all my Subscribers did just those 5 things everyday for a month... 3,900 people doing that... WHEEEW! FORGET ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT -- THE FRIGGIN' EARTH WOULD MOVE! But what I'm really hearing from people is many lack a sense of worthiness... they self-sabatoge in the final lap... they don't feel they deserve to be beautiful... they don't feel they deserve their own time... they truly believe all of the negativity that has been shoved down their throats by people who had negativity shoved down their throats. We're all victims of victims. But to end the our addiction, we have to release all that negativity. To get to your Goal Body, you must begin with Self-Love.

You have the worst addiction there is. If you were a crack-head, meth-head, coke-head... you could walk away and never look at the stuff again. But you can never walk away from your drug... NEVER. You have to face your drug every day, repeatedly, and not indulge in it. How successful would a recovering alcoholic be who had to drink just a swig of liquor each day? Or a recovering addict, who had to shoot just a little heroin. Or Snoop Dogg just taking a puff of marijuanna? You have THE WORST addiction because you can never walk away from it as long as you live... you truly have no choice but to recover from it. So I feel I need to at least just put these videos out, especially right now when the creative energies are so strong and you guys are revved up to get this weight off... and then we can move onto more superficial stuff like stretch marks and eyelash growers!

So bear with me. New videos are coming. Just want them edited nicely and you guys know what a perfectionist I am! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MSM Lotion - An Alternative I'll Test

OK, enough of you have complained! I guess the MSM Soap is too expensive for many of you. OK, let's recap: I said that I use it because of ALLERGIES; the beauty benefits of preventing stretch marks and loose skin were just an unexpected and pleasant side effect. Therefore, those of you who do not have allergies, may not necessarily need the soap to see fabulous results. So I am including a more affordable MSM Lotion in my testing series. It is the strongest formulation available on the market today, and at only $9 for a large 8 oz bottle, it's probably cheaper than the Bath & Body Works lotion you are using right now! I cannot do much better than this people. I will showcase my results using it in upcoming videos.

For information on my MSM Series, as well as all of the products I am testing during my 10 in 2010 Series, please visit my Beauty Page at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Equinox Tomorrow!

Hey everyone! Don't forget the Spring Equinox tomorrow! Definitely give Barbara Hand Clow's Manifestation Meditative Technique a try this year to manifest your dreams (

The Spring Equinox is at 17:32 Universal Time (UTC). Click Here to Convert 17:32 Universal Time (UTC) on March 20, 2010 to Your Time Zone:

Happy Meditating and Manifesting Everyone! WOOOOO!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Birth of The Easy Way Show

YAAY! My first early morning blog! WOOOO! Anyway, I got up early so I could write this. I was thinking about it last night. This friggin' Spring Equinox teaching is SOOOOO on-point! I can feel it. Not only does Spring just feel like a fresh start, but everything is magically coming together for me now to begin my show... from my schedule that "just happened" to begin freeing up... to some dishes that I "just happened" to find that would be perfect for my food reviews... then my new orthodontist talks me out of the spring aligners and molds my retainers that "just happen" to be arriving at the end of the month... then I found an amazing collection of background music that "just happened" to be 50% off... I "just happened" to find some research, quite by accident, for some show ideas I was thinking of a few days ago... I got some super cheap graphics and sound effects in an ebay auction that "just happened" to be ending in 1 hour... actually, I'm so dense that it didn't hit me until right then... I thought, "Wow, the auction is ending in 1 hour? That's not a coincidence -- that's the energies right now! OMG, could this all be the energies right now? Yes, dufus, it is!"

Anyway, on the podcast, Barbara is talking about how things just don't really line up for creating new projects during the Winter and especially during December and January. During that time, you're supposed to deepen and reflect back on what you've already been creating; and all your efforts to start new things are typically frustrated. Well, late last year was a hot mess for me! I wanted to start my show around November and had a series of family-related issues... in addition to always being behind with work... ufgh, it was just a mess. Then I thought, well I'll start it by Christmas... umm... Christmas came and went, son! I was still playing catch up and definitely did not have time to get myself together, get my website together, and get my show together.

As an aside, what's hilarious is I would still periodically log on to my email during that time and people would always begin their letters telling me how ridiculously busy they were, that they had all this holiday stuff going on in their lives, they were busy at work, busy with kids, busy with travel, they were so busy, they didn't even have time to think... and then proceed to ask, "So I'm waiting for your next video, I keep checking, when are you going to do it?" Oh, so your happy ass is allowed to have a life, but I'm not!

Anyway, so I begin researching for Spring Aligners, because my overbite is something I've wanted corrected my whole life. I'm totally planning for that to be my come-back video after Thanksgiving. Then I bite into something, crack a tooth, visit the dentist, and low and behold I need all this dental work before I can even get to an orthodontist to get the Spring Aligners. I had no idea my teeth were so bad.

I started wearing my compression suit, but because I prefer to sleep... umm... disrobed... au naturale... I couldn't get into the habit of wearing it every night. So I have to restart that series.

I did a whole booty short series, to document me getting into some booty shorts I bought. Then I went through one of my hard-core cleaning fits in December... and I think I threw them out! LOL They looked like a little dusty, old blue rag and in my mind's eye, I think I remember throwing them away! I can't find them anywhere! LOL

I wanted my relatives to do my hair in December, but they wanted to hack so much of it off because of the damage, and because they're all into modern styling... I just said, forget that... I'll do it myself! I don't want it tamed and cut into a modern style. How boring! I like big, poofy, 1975, Diana Ross hair. Does anything about me strike you as someone who gives a sh!# about fitting in?!

I start filming for my Rapidlash series and I kept forgetting to document the date. So I have a "Week 1" clip and several subsequent clips, but I have no proof of the date, so I have to restart that series.

Really cool things were happening that I didn't document because I was too distracted to even notice... such as my chest scar disappearing. Thank goodness I have those early talking videos that none of you watched! So at least I have those for my MSM Series.

Anyway, it was just one disconnect after another. I just "couldn't get out the blocks" when it came to this friggin show! Just one frustration after another. Even once the new year began... still extremely busy... overworked... nothing is working. Then along comes Barbara Hand Clow's teaching on the Spring Equinox, and literally, like magic, like a light switch got flipped, everything is lining up... the friggin clouds parted... beams of sunlight... the angel chorus... it's all coming together now! Now maybe that is because of my shift in thinking and thus the energies I'm attracting right now... but the more I research the Spring Equinox and ancient practices, I tend to lean toward the teaching that Barbara Hand Clow is giving. This was always celebrated as the start of a new year. I feel it in my being and I am living the fact that this is truly the time that is designated for the birthing of new things... fresh ideas... new projects... it's all true. Everything that is happening is too much of a coincidence. Spring really is the true start of a new year.

So anyway, I said all this to say, please be on the look out for the things you are attracting that are going to help you manifest your intentions this year. Many things will be coming to you during this creative period. Luv y'all! 10 in 2010! You can do it! WOOOOO! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Manifestation & The Spring Equinox

YAAAY! I actually uploaded it before the Equinox passed! LOL Anyway, new video uploaded on using the creative energies available this time of year to Manifest your desires. If you try this technique, definitely keep me posted on how it works out for you in your weight loss! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Vanishing Scar!

OMG! I'm supposed to be working but I have to blog! LOL I just noticed that the scar (left from my evil, vicious eczema attacks) on my chest has damn-near vanished! OK, normal people with eczema get flare ups in inconspicuous places: behind their knees, ankles, under their arms, etc. Of course, nothing about me is normal, so my eczema flares up right on my chest to broadcast to the world that I have a skin disorder! Well, I haven't had a flare up in a really long time, but the scar has just always been a part of my life. It's in my brother's wedding video; it's in my vacation pictures; it's basically my "Plus One" to every event! LOL Anyway, I look in the mirror, and damn thing is almost gone. OK, I can't make this up people! Look at my early talking videos... yes, the "talking" ones... y'know, the ones no one ever watch... well, look under my chin and you will see a dark scar that is on my chest. Well look at my most recent videos... IT'S AMOST GONE! This should be a testament to the fact that I am not vain in the slightest. I never even noticed it was going away! But let me also point out, this is from *EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE* MSM Soap use. As I specify on my Schedule Page, I was bathing 3 times per day (actually some days 4, but I didn't want to seem completely psycho). Anyway, now I'm going to pay attention and video tape that scar in particular. I also use the MSM cream now and take the supplement as well. So now my videos will show the effects of a combination of all of that. Anyway, back to work! I'm just so excited! AAAAAHHHHHH! I love getting those kinds of surprises! :)
Caveat: As always, please speak with your doctors; don't just repeat what I do. I'm not a doctor -- I'm a germaphobe psycho! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manifestation & March Equinox

YES, YES, YES! March 20th is vital for manifestation! I love Kelly Howell! Please everyone, listen to the first 10 minutes of this podcast and try this proven technique!

Let's manifest our Goal Body Everyone! I love you all! WOOOOO!

Friday, February 26, 2010

YAAAAY Q Reached His Goal!!

Look how handsome he looks! OMG! CONGRATS Q!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loose Skin & Stretch Marks

By far, the number one email I get is from people asking what I did to prevent getting stretch marks and having loose, hanging skin. My allegeries helped me luck up into my "skin secret." I went to school on the west coast, and my tree-hugging, trustafarian roommate put me on to MSM Soap. (BTW, a "trustafarian" is like Andy Samberg's Ras Trent character -- one of those rich trust fund kids who choose to look like Rastafarians). Anyway, her friggin advice was on-point, son! I've been using MSM Soap ever since. I did not suffer from extreme stretch marks when I was packing the weight on, and I have not suffer from hanging loose skin after taking it off. Make sure to watch LovingRaw's MSM video also with even more tips for the beauty dilemma of stretchy skin to help you become a 10 in 2010.

I've used the MSM Soap for years and I recently began taking the MSM capsule supplements and using the MSM cream. This will be an ongoing series on my new "Beauty Dilemmas" Page of my web site. For links to the specific products I use, information on MSM, and testimonial links visit These are my personal results on my MSM Journey, and all products I use & showcase have been paid for by me.

Finally Finished Next Video

I was going crazy with the editing! I really took the editing to the extreme. The thing is, unless you know all the time that goes into making little things move, it just looks like any old random video! LOL I'm sure all my subscribers are thinking, "What the hell took her so long?" LOL Anyway, I'll probably have it up "Public" for everyone tomorrow. I'm taking down the video page on my site to make room for the "Beauty Dilemmas" Page. Everyone can see all my videos on my youtube channel anyway, so I really don't need that page on my site. Anyway, everytime I want to whine about how long it takes to edit my videos, I look at DeStorm's channel and I shut my face! This is my favorite video of his. I want to eventually do something like this! Now this is friggin' video editing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congrats Impatient Dieters!

AAAAHHHH! Everyone is doing soooo well on their diet programs! WOOOOOOO!! Wow, thanks for all the updates guys. I really do appreciate that! I never knew so few mothers taught their children the phrase "Thank you" until I started vlogging! Anyway, I PROMISE to have this next video up either tonight or tomorrow. I'm working so friggin' hard on it right now! I'm such a perfectionist. I just want it to be edited perfectly... especially since I'm featuring Philip McCluskey! He's such a friggin' guru! Alright, let me get back cracking, but thank you sooo much everyone for keeping me posted on your progress. It really keeps my spirits high! :) Anyway, have you guys ever watched the youtube channel, failblog? They're hilarious! Check them out. Here's a special Valentine's Day one: