Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clearing The Sh** Out of Your Life

Hey Guys! I'm currently working on the Colon Health video and *crosses fingers* will hopefully have that up this coming week. Please bear with me as my schedule is finally slowing down after the holidays. It's actually quite timely, since it's the start of 2011, to discuss getting rid of the crap in your life. I'm going to be talking about "clearing out crap" in the literal sense during my Colon Health Series, but figuratively speaking, you need to clear out the crap that is impeding your weight loss as well. One of which may in fact be toxic people. People who constantly tell you they have no faith you will succeed, continually put you down, and tell you what an embarassment you are while they recount all of your past failures... them pesky MFs GOT TO GO.

Like the rest of the world, I am absolutely enamored with Ted Williams. He's had two years clean, has been given an amazing chance at redemption, and is planning to rebuild his life. Why am I bringing him up? Because he has a toxic beast in his life who, if he does not get away from, will most certainly drive him to use within a month: His "Mother." I can look past a lot. I can look past the AP interview where instead of being appreciative her homeless son was discovered and would finally get off the streets, she instead donned a fur coat, recounted all of his past failures, and said how embarassed she was. I can look past the tearless, hugless, repitilian "welcome home" she gave her own child after a 20-yr separation, greeting him with the words "Don't disappoint me," and making continuous comments about his physical appearance. What I cannot look past is the interview below, where this narcissistic, self-absorbed, appearance-obsessed "mother" repeatedly shakes her head and makes it crystal clear that she values the opinions of others far more than the welfare, safety, and future success of her own damn child. I'm so hot right now... seething after watching the video below. Please, please hear me: you have THE WORST addiction there is because you can never walk away from food; therefore, this is THE ONLY addiction you are forced to overcome. If you are struggling to overcome this addiction, and you have someone like this in your life who continuously states they have no faith in you, is downright flippant about your future success, and is more obsessed with their own image in the eyes of the world than your health... GET AS FAR AWAY FROM THOSE TOXIC PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.