Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scar & Eczema Series: Daily Vlog Compilation

ImpatientDieter Scar Series:
Well, as soon as I got rid of my chest scar, my gotdang eczema came back. Thankfully, it healed in record time again. I'm telling y'all who have eczema, DMSO & MSM combined with Visualization & Subliminal Messages is real next-level healing... but keep using that steroid cream if you want to! LOL I did that crap for years too.

Anyway, I'm recording daily video clips treating my scar and I'll post a monthly compilation. If you have scars you want to treat, you can follow my journey. In the next video, I'm going to show how light this new scar is in comparison to a new scar I have on my bewb. I was out in the back-water, uncivilized wilderness (otherwise known as North Florida), when some prehistoric bug somehow bit through my shirt, through my bra, and snacked on my bewb! I did not treat that bite with DMSO & MSM and you will see how dark that scar is in comparison to this new eczema scar that I've been treating since Day 1.

New Mom / Money Series
The number one email I'm getting is from people saying that they want to buy products but are short on funds. Either they're new moms, students, or just need to conserve money. So, I've wanted to do a New Mom Series for a while anyway (because you guys are huge supporters), and I'm going to show y'all an EASY WAY to earn a lot of side income just going to Thrift Stores and listing items on Alibris, Amazon, Ebay, Half. I did that years ago. Great for SAH Moms, students, part-time job for teens, or just side weekend income. There are some tips & tricks to maximize your earnings. There's a "Square Way" to do it and a "Grimy Way" to do it. I'll show y'all both -- but the more grimy you are, the more money you make.

Product Reviews
They are coming, but let me first post my money series, so everyone can buy products and no one will feel left out.

1 Minute Health Tips
The shorter my videos, the more views they get. I'm going to try a little experiment to give you guys tips like I did in the early days... but keep my videos under 1 minute. We'll see how that goes... LOL

New Fashion Body Shots
I have tons of costumes I need to make videos for, but many of you are asking for just everyday fashion outfits. I'm not a "beauty" vlogger, but I realize that's what many of them do. First of all... YAWN-FEST... j/k. But seriously, the truth is I don't wear snazzy fashions; I've STILL just been schlepping! I know you guys think when you lose your weight you're going to walk around constantly dressed like Britney Spears... but let me let you in on a secret... the girls who dress that way, don't let a little think like "weight" stop them from dressing that way! LOL If you were going to be all hoochied out, you'd be dressing like that right now! Anyway, I did some shopping for sexy, everyday fashions, and I'll do an "Outfit Of The Week" once I get into a schedule.