Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congrats Impatient Dieters!

AAAAHHHH! Everyone is doing soooo well on their diet programs! WOOOOOOO!! Wow, thanks for all the updates guys. I really do appreciate that! I never knew so few mothers taught their children the phrase "Thank you" until I started vlogging! Anyway, I PROMISE to have this next video up either tonight or tomorrow. I'm working so friggin' hard on it right now! I'm such a perfectionist. I just want it to be edited perfectly... especially since I'm featuring Philip McCluskey! He's such a friggin' guru! Alright, let me get back cracking, but thank you sooo much everyone for keeping me posted on your progress. It really keeps my spirits high! :) Anyway, have you guys ever watched the youtube channel, failblog? They're hilarious! Check them out. Here's a special Valentine's Day one: