Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anti-Aging, New Booty, Colostrum, Antler Velvet, Compression Suits

Hey Guys! Well it looks like I was too impatient. The video appears to have finally published after 3 days--I knew that would happen as soon as I put the other one up, that's why I didn't take the original down right away. Anyway, video and notes are below.

If one more person asks me where they can find product links, I'm petitioning Youtube to require an IQ Test! Seriously? I have a tiny block of time to answer mail & I'm months behind; dammit man, I don't have the time for this nonsense. If you can't find my product links, after I've spent hours creating my videos and inserted large finger graphics pointing toward the links... UNSUBSCRIBE!
My email is to be used only for the following 4 purposes:
1. Telling me how great I am;
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4. Clever, original, humorous hate mail. (No duds please. Haters, I'm a Boss Bitch with Brains, Beauty, and Booty; step your troll game up accordingly.)
Almost anything else you can possibly think to ask has been answered on a 24-page website or in 141 friggin videos.

Welcome to ImpatientDieter's Anti-Aging Series. Clearly, Impatient Dieter is becoming a cranky old bag. Follow this spinster attempt to reverse her aging process & onery disposition. For links to all products and more info on my regimen, visit the link above.

Subliminal Messages: Your subconscious controls 95-99% of everything you do. Replace your tired, stifling, negative programs with positive, life-giving, creative ones. Visualization: See it in your mind; manifest it in your life.

Z90X Weight Loss Routine:
Type Z Toning:
Callan Pinckney is a Beast! I luv her! Follow my progress using Callanetics and Compression Suits.

Many brands! I'll review them; you decide what's best for you. The ones I'm taking are $22 & I've never had more energy!

Again, credit to Daniel Vitalis for his teachings on Colostrum & Antler Velvet. Time for Real Talk: I love all you subscribers & I understand many of you raw foodists have issues with him, but I'm personally a fan. Controversial or not, Daniel Vitalis is an unparalleled source of research, powerhouse speaker & phenomenal motivator. I love all his teachings... except that water malarkey. As a germaphobe, R.O. Water trumps Spring Water; getting water out of a random stream or pool is straight filthy. But everything else, I'm right with him. I find him to be a well-read, honorable figure. I tried unsuccessfully to get in contact with that *ahem* "conscious promoter" of his so I could use some video clips to address your guys' questions/concerns/dislikes, because I want y'all to feel as confident in his message as I do--but whatever, forget her. Daniel is a spectacular teacher to follow; strong character; courageously pioneering a new path; engaging speaker; killer tats; individual style; looks like he's rapping when he talks. I put him on the same level as Philip McCluskey, and y'all know how much I love him. Phillip is a King & together, they're the best examples for us on Youtube. Obviously, if you're watching my videos, you aren't the picture of perfect health. Anyone can be a critic & cast stones. I've researched the Raw Teachers many of you believe I should be promoting instead; and guess what, Daniel is right: a lot of what they teach is NOT supported by research, which is why they NEVER reference any when they speak. I've never seen such a thing! These people post videos all over telling you what to put in your body & don't cite a single source; a Jr. High Speech & Debate Team doesn't do that! The only thing the other raw teachers have that Daniel doesn't are professional promoters. With the right PR, Daniel would be on TV & you would be telling stories about how you met him at a raggedy coffee house once. Bottom line: I'll continue to present folks who are good compasses for us. Daniel Vitalis & Phillip McCluskey are hands-down leaders of the pack; there isn't a soul on YouTube who has accomplished as much or lived the lives they have. Subscribe to them: "DanielVitalis" & "LovingRaw". I'll be referencing them a lot in the coming year.

Many for 2011. CellFood Skin Gel & Super Skin Serum are incredible! Can't believe how my laugh line diminished. Can't wait to do 30-day update.