Thursday, August 19, 2010


OK, as you guys know, my orthodontist is correcting my overbite with retainers. My teeth are looking great -- only a few more months left to go -- video coming next week. Anyway, I was brushing my teeth when I heard something fall... a light "click" sound on the floor. I was in a rush and wasn't paying attention, when suddenly my foot crunched something. I looked down, and it was my top retainer! UUUUGGHHH!! So I visited my orthodontist's office and was told by his assistants it would cost me $300 to get a replacement and would set back my "Operation Buck Teeth" for one month while they ordered a new one. Well, as you guys know, I have been listening to Law of Attraction Subliminal Messages, one of which is this --> Attract Money. For some odd reason, I handed the assistant my retainer before leaving because I didn't know if they needed it for comparison or something when the new one came in. She gave me her typical condescending grin--ufgh... I don't like those chicks! Anyway, my orthodontist is a friggin genius. He had his office call me in the afternoon to say he looked at it and he might be able to simply repair it. So yesterday, I was presented with this (see the video below). You can still see the crack down the center, but that's just because the acrylic is translucent. Anyway, he repaired it by adding acrylic over the top and bottom... SAVING ME $300 BIGGINS, SON! WOOOOO! I'm telling you guys, I have been attracting money all over the place! These Subliminal Messages Rock! I have also been listening to the "Win The Lottery" Messages and I would brag about my Bingo winnings but I had to back off of going... I was becoming a bit of an addict... I was arriving there even before the old people in wheelchairs... plus I'm loud as hell and they all wear hearing aids... my "WOOO"s don't go over well at all!

And... wait a second... I have been attracting money for you guys too! For everyone interested in getting a heavy-duty latex compression suit, I have been in contact with this fabulous company who is offering Total Body Compression Suits With Latex for only $30! Yes, the latex ones... $30. They offer a bunch of others too that I ordered -- some that are hard-core like the Body Magic (with a hook-and-eye closure underneath the zipper), and they even have some that come with booty pads! lolz Now seeing me with booty pads is going to be friggin' hilarious! Y'all don't want to miss this series. They even have some that make your boobs look bigger. Anyway, we'll discuss them all in my Compression Suit Series, starting in a few days -- this is gonna be A LOT of fun. View my Compression Suit Page for details.