Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Lose 20+ Pounds in a Week - ImpatientDieter Colon Health & Review Series

My latest video is up. I spent quite a bit of time on it, so I hope you guys like it. If not, please let me know... make sure to leave a comment or email so I can block your ass! Working on more videos, y'all. They'll be up soon.

Want to lose 5 to 20 pounds? Well, that's what the average person is carrying around right now in the form of waste in their colon. YUCK! Those of you who go days on end without a "movement," are doing damage to every system in your body... and you're on the road to doing a bad Elvis Presley impression. Not to mention, Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading killer cancer for Americans. We definitely need to get serious about our colon health.

Eleotin Cleanse:

Impatient Dieter Colon Cleanse Product Review Series
In this series, I will be reviewing colon cleansing products & fiber supplements. Time to clear out that "dead weight" & become 11s in 2011! :)

I began with the most expensive product, Eleotin Cleanse & Detox. My full product review will come next month. So far, I am very impressed. I did not expect such a huge "effect" because I do eat pretty healthfully. However, this cleanse is extraordinary. I cannot say enough good things about it, and almost everything about their business is perfect: great product, nice website, lightning-fast shipping (I didn't even choose express shipping). However, should you need to correspond with them, that is their one negative strike. I will warn their email response time is exceptionally slow. Full review next month.

Metamucil Fiber Cinnamon Spice Fiber Wafers Review
One word: delicious! I showed them, but had to edit that section out due to the video's length. Now please note, along with being a cleanse, Eleotin HAS FIBER in it. I'm stressing that, because if you take in too much fiber, you will experience the exact opposite effect of what you desire from a cleanse. You will become extremely bloated & "backed up." Fiber is in all plant foods. So be very conscious of the amount of fiber you're taking in through your diet, should you decide to do this cleanse.

Subliminal Messages
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