Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas All Year - ImpatientDieter's Guilt-Inspired Weekly Giveaways

Hi guys! Sorry I've been gone so long! I've had a bunch of new developments in my life. I apologize for leaving y'all hanging. I feel like a Mother Hen who has failed you. I must take a chapter from the "Guilty Mother Handbook" and distract you guys with new shiny objects. :) I'll be out of town until the 3rd week in January. After that, I'll have a giveaway every week in 2012 to thank you and to keep you motivated to reach your goals. New videos coming, new authors, new tips, new website... but most importantly, a lot of new gifts for you! More info on my blog. Happy Holidays. Luv y'all! :)


Yes, bitches, I met a man and now I don't have time for your behinds! LOL Don't you hate chicks like that? They get a man and totally forget you exist. Well, turns out I'm one of them! Sorry, guys. Y'all know I have an addictive personality... no sense of moderation... pretty much O.D. on everything... which apparently includes relationships. Plus, you guys know I'm a workaholic... and I had some family issues... I just needed to take a break from youtube, though I didn't mean for the break to last this long! Luckily for you guys, I was raised with an unhealthy sense of guilt when I don't meet my obligations, so I'm going to wipe my guilt away by giving you a bunch of free stuff. First of all, everything will be purchased by me. I don't do "Sponsors." So this really will be *ME* thanking you for your support and encouraging you to push forward on whatever path you're on. Actually... umm... it may be you doing the purchasing! To be honest, I don't picture myself wrapping up a bunch of stuff and mailing it around the country. So I probably will showcase whatever I'm giving away in the video, but just mail you a Visa Gift Card or Money Order so you can buy it yourself. LOL Yes, that's tacky, but y'all should be used to my country behind by now. I'm going to make a quick video each week with a health tip and a product to give away. The only thing I ask of the recipient is that you please comment "I Won" on the video, so I can reply to it and have it show up on top. I should be home by Jan. 18 and plan to have the first video up Jan. 21.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, everyone. I have a bunch of new video ideas, books I've read, products I've tried, etc. I'm updating my website right now, but it will be completely redone later. I may shoot a quick video while I'm on vacation and post it. But if I don't, let me take the time now to wish you all "Happy Holidays" and I'll see you in 2012... wow... 2012.... sounds so spooky! LOL :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Motivation: Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Hey Guys! ABC has a great new show you should check out. You can watch it even if you don't own a TV (like me) online on the ABC website. It's called "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition." The participants are all super-morbidly obese and go through a one-year weight-loss transformation, followed by skin removal surgery. The show is inspirational and motivational. The participants are dedicated, but have ups and downs throughout the year. The transformations are downright astounding. Plus, ABC has found the perfect life coach to guide them. Chris Powell specializes in weight-loss life transformations. He's firm, loving, encouraging... and he's hot as hell. If nothing else, just watch for the clips where he takes his shirt off. Anyway, I put a clip below, but watch full episodes here:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video I'm Not a Crazy Person, I'm a Very Well Educated Person: Hilarious Argument on Metro North Railroad

LOL I unleashed this video on the world! I used to be active on a few blogs, and while I don't have time for that anymore, I still occasionally send them human-interest stories. Anyway, I found this video a few nights ago on YouTube while searching for subway videos. (I know you think I'm slacking on creating videos, but I actually do work on them a little bit almost every night. I was searching for footage of people on subways--actually disgusting subway floors--to add clips to my "Make Your Home a No-Shoe Zone" PSA that I'm creating to add to the end of all future videos.) Anyway, the video had about 40 views. A commuter was politely asked by the conductor to lower her voice and refrain from using profanity. The commuter responds by pridefully proclaiming her upper-crust status stating, "Excuse me, do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?" An amusing back-and-forth exchange ensued and her final words before the video ended were, "That's why you people work at a train!"

I sent the video to Huffington Post, Tosh.0, Gawker, Yahoo, Barstools, and a few others, with my commentary to open a discussion on the issue of "Classism" in America. The original video had a different title, but the title of my article was, "I'm Not a Crazy Person, I'm a Very Well Educated Person: Hilarious Argument on Metro North Railroad." (As you guys know, I call everything "hilarious.") I woke up the next morning and the friggin video was EVERYWHERE! I googled my title, and tons of blogs picked up the story. The original video was removed, but a copy of the video, bearing my article's title, received over 2 million views in 1 day (that video has also been removed). Many copies are floating around, but if you haven't seen it, watch below. (If this video gets removed, just google my article's title.)

It's an important issue because unlike racism, sexism, ageism, etc., "classism" is universal. Regardless of who you are, what you look like, or where you live, you've most likely experienced someone looking down their nose, believing they possess some quality that makes them superior. Pretty much everyone would have a visceral reaction to witnessing a person assert their superiority based on their station in life. However, if I hurled the "N" word at a Caucasian, they wouldn't react; if I called a man a "tramp," he wouldn't be fazed; if I called a 14-year-old girl "a wrinkled hag," she wouldn't care. Classism, being a universal experience, makes it, curiously, an even greater social offense. It could open a conversation enabling many to empathize when witnessing other forms of discrimination. I was right (as usual... lol) because just viewing this brief display struck a worldwide nerve. Blogs all over from Gawker to Huffpo to Tosh.0 lit up with thousands of comments. The readers of Yahoo left over 16,000 comments and Anderson Cooper even added her to his "RidicuList":

Anyway, I said all this to say, I may open a second channel to do humorous social vlogs on issues other than weight/body image/product reviews. This isn't the first time blogs have picked up stories I've submitted, but this is definitely the most viral, and I've actually been feeling the pull to go in this direction for quite awhile. Also, vlog videos are much easier than my production videos, so I could have a more consistent YouTube presence. Plus, I'm pretty skilled at finding interesting stories and I think you all would enjoy my commentary. After all, do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scar & Eczema Series: Daily Vlog Compilation

ImpatientDieter Scar Series:
Well, as soon as I got rid of my chest scar, my gotdang eczema came back. Thankfully, it healed in record time again. I'm telling y'all who have eczema, DMSO & MSM combined with Visualization & Subliminal Messages is real next-level healing... but keep using that steroid cream if you want to! LOL I did that crap for years too.

Anyway, I'm recording daily video clips treating my scar and I'll post a monthly compilation. If you have scars you want to treat, you can follow my journey. In the next video, I'm going to show how light this new scar is in comparison to a new scar I have on my bewb. I was out in the back-water, uncivilized wilderness (otherwise known as North Florida), when some prehistoric bug somehow bit through my shirt, through my bra, and snacked on my bewb! I did not treat that bite with DMSO & MSM and you will see how dark that scar is in comparison to this new eczema scar that I've been treating since Day 1.

New Mom / Money Series
The number one email I'm getting is from people saying that they want to buy products but are short on funds. Either they're new moms, students, or just need to conserve money. So, I've wanted to do a New Mom Series for a while anyway (because you guys are huge supporters), and I'm going to show y'all an EASY WAY to earn a lot of side income just going to Thrift Stores and listing items on Alibris, Amazon, Ebay, Half. I did that years ago. Great for SAH Moms, students, part-time job for teens, or just side weekend income. There are some tips & tricks to maximize your earnings. There's a "Square Way" to do it and a "Grimy Way" to do it. I'll show y'all both -- but the more grimy you are, the more money you make.

Product Reviews
They are coming, but let me first post my money series, so everyone can buy products and no one will feel left out.

1 Minute Health Tips
The shorter my videos, the more views they get. I'm going to try a little experiment to give you guys tips like I did in the early days... but keep my videos under 1 minute. We'll see how that goes... LOL

New Fashion Body Shots
I have tons of costumes I need to make videos for, but many of you are asking for just everyday fashion outfits. I'm not a "beauty" vlogger, but I realize that's what many of them do. First of all... YAWN-FEST... j/k. But seriously, the truth is I don't wear snazzy fashions; I've STILL just been schlepping! I know you guys think when you lose your weight you're going to walk around constantly dressed like Britney Spears... but let me let you in on a secret... the girls who dress that way, don't let a little think like "weight" stop them from dressing that way! LOL If you were going to be all hoochied out, you'd be dressing like that right now! Anyway, I did some shopping for sexy, everyday fashions, and I'll do an "Outfit Of The Week" once I get into a schedule.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LOL I Was On TV!

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille...

Damn, ABC, why couldn't y'all show a clip of me looking half-way decent? Y'all mufuggas had to search through ancient videos of me looking a hot ass mess!

Two things:
1. I did not do the 17-Day Diet.
2. This is only going to fuel my haters' rumors that I am a professional actress/model being paid to diet. Side note: notice how that is the only rumor I have NEVER denied! LOL If you haters truly believe I look like an actress or model... by all means feel free to continue believing that. In fact, I feel it is your duty to spread that rumor far and wide! LOL

Shout Out to CannonChirps for sending me the video; this gave me a much needed laugh! I won't forget you when I'm in Hollywood. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Use The Spring Equinox (March 20) To Manifest Your Desires

Hola Party People and Happy New Year! Yes, the Spring Equinox marks the true start of a new year. I've already posted a video on this topic last year. The only thing that has changed is obviously the time of the Equinox. See the notes below to determine when it happens in your time zone.

And yes, the old addage/caveat "be careful what you wish for" is DEFINITELY in full effect when practicing this manifestation technique. I, of course, wanted to more money... well with that comes MORE WORK. As y'all have seen, I am literally swamped/suffocated/buried by work, and more opportunities are constantly coming to me. Also, a friend of mine did this technique; he wanted romance. Well, he's now a father and forever tied to a woman he's not certain he wants to spend his life with. SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Also, this teacher, Barbara Hand Clow, mentioned that the "Holiday Season" would be particularly difficult to handle, because you will be on a different "Manifestation Seasonal Schedule" than everyone else around you. Umm... "difficult to handle" is the understatement of the year. At the risk of revealing the true wretched family member that I am, this holiday season was absolutely greuling for me.

But it certainly feels like a new beginning. Things are starting to settle and new projects are starting for me. Use the creative energies of this time to manifest your desires. Happy New Year! :)


Free "Theatre of the Mind Podcast" with Barbara Hand Clow:
Listen to this & practice this technique during The Spring Equinox.
Manifestation & The Spring Equinox


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! WOOOO! Yes, the Spring Equinox marks the true start of a new year. It's a new beginning; a fresh start; don't miss this opportunity! We are entering 3 months of deep creative energy. If you have experienced difficulty attaining your New Year's Goals year after year, try this spectacular technique for manifestation given by Mayan Elder, Barbara Hand Clow. Use the creative energies present right now to manifest your desires this year. This 3-month period is designated for beginning new projects. I lucked-up into it! I began my weight loss in May... thank goodness! And I most definitely reaped the benefits of all the creative energy present at this time. Plus prior to starting my plan, I was doing a ton of research right during this creative time period. Definitely take a listen; she explains each of the four "3-month periods" throughout the year & how each period is going to help you manifest your desires. Right now is the beginning of the 3 months of creation, where you start new projects, affirm your desires, & make your resolutions. Keep your eyes open to opportunities. Many things will begin coming to you now in order to manifest your desires. This is all kick-started when the Zodiac resets at the Spring Equinox.


It falls on March 20th or 21st each year. This year, it's March 20, 2011 at 23:21:00 Universal Time (UTC). It is different depending on Your Time Zone. For me, it is March 20th, 7:21 pm EDT, and I'm going to be meditating like a mug! Click Here to Convert 23:21:00 Universal Time (UTC) on March 20, 2011 to Your Time Zone:

This marks the true "New Year." Many creative energies are present to help you achieve your goals that were not present when you tried to manifest them in January -- that's a different set of energy (she will explain). But now is the time to make your resolutions. Embrace the energy. Visualize, meditate, vibrate, create! Commit yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in your creative power. Most of all: Believe it will work. Your life is created by your beliefs. The energies are here waiting to be used by you. Manifest Your Goal Body & Become an 11 in 2011! WOOO!

Yes, and that's working out so well for you isn't it?! There is nothing "New" about Astrology. The very atoms that make up your being were forged in stars; with such an intimate connection, perhaps it would behoove us to understand them a little, no? However, if what you're doing is working for you, by all means, keep doing it. As with everything in life, we all need to find our individual paths. Buuuttt... for a phenomenon as universal as "failed New Year's Resolutions," logic would suggest there must be a universal link. Many hard-working, dedicated, determined people fail year after year... the explanation could be as simple as the timing in which those resolutions are made. Wouldn't you like to find out? Can't hurt to give it a try. Oh, shut your trap & open your mind, you ole fuddy-duddy! Or you can continue your bland, boring, non-creative existence! I, however, will be rocking out with the energies March 20th! WOOO!

Yes. The problem is I am actually speaking in those videos and not twirling around in my underwear, so no one actually watches them. If you are interested in more videos like this one, please visit and get enlightened teachers in your head!

Barbara Hand Clow:

Interested in DMA? Catch Kelly Howell's interview with Robert Fritz here:
She has the most intriguing guests; bookmark her site. Her Podcast introduced me to my (and your) Guru, Marc Allen!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Lose 20+ Pounds in a Week - ImpatientDieter Colon Health & Review Series

My latest video is up. I spent quite a bit of time on it, so I hope you guys like it. If not, please let me know... make sure to leave a comment or email so I can block your ass! Working on more videos, y'all. They'll be up soon.

Want to lose 5 to 20 pounds? Well, that's what the average person is carrying around right now in the form of waste in their colon. YUCK! Those of you who go days on end without a "movement," are doing damage to every system in your body... and you're on the road to doing a bad Elvis Presley impression. Not to mention, Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading killer cancer for Americans. We definitely need to get serious about our colon health.

Eleotin Cleanse:

Impatient Dieter Colon Cleanse Product Review Series
In this series, I will be reviewing colon cleansing products & fiber supplements. Time to clear out that "dead weight" & become 11s in 2011! :)

I began with the most expensive product, Eleotin Cleanse & Detox. My full product review will come next month. So far, I am very impressed. I did not expect such a huge "effect" because I do eat pretty healthfully. However, this cleanse is extraordinary. I cannot say enough good things about it, and almost everything about their business is perfect: great product, nice website, lightning-fast shipping (I didn't even choose express shipping). However, should you need to correspond with them, that is their one negative strike. I will warn their email response time is exceptionally slow. Full review next month.

Metamucil Fiber Cinnamon Spice Fiber Wafers Review
One word: delicious! I showed them, but had to edit that section out due to the video's length. Now please note, along with being a cleanse, Eleotin HAS FIBER in it. I'm stressing that, because if you take in too much fiber, you will experience the exact opposite effect of what you desire from a cleanse. You will become extremely bloated & "backed up." Fiber is in all plant foods. So be very conscious of the amount of fiber you're taking in through your diet, should you decide to do this cleanse.

Subliminal Messages
They can help in every aspect of your life, including your health. If you have doubts about whether subliminal messages will work, download their FREE album. Play it at night while you're sleeping. If you don't experience changes in your behavior, thoughts, and attraction, then you aren't out anything. But if you do experience changes, just imagine how great it would be to get their other albums for specific areas of your life you want to improve.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Reason You're Fat = Carbs and Insulin Resistance

Later this year, I'll do a series on carbohydrates, because eating them is the true reason we are fat. The "Fat Makes You Fat" lie is being exposed by countless medical professionals, yet I get emails every day from those of you who fear eating fat. Comedian and Nutrition Ninja, Tom Naughton, really shines the light on the Fat Myth in his move "Fat Head." I ordered the DVD and I'll give you guys my review when it gets here, but from the preview clips on youtube, it looks like a kick-ass film. I'll put some links below to get the DVD, but he posted an OUTSTANDING, 5-part lecture on Carbs and Insulin Resistance (the best lecture I've ever seen on the subject). Make sure to watch his complete lecture, but I'm going to embed my favorite part below where he cites a study in which fat mice STARVED to death WITHOUT burning their body fat due to the body's insulin response.

His Site:
Fat Head DVD:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clearing The Sh** Out of Your Life

Hey Guys! I'm currently working on the Colon Health video and *crosses fingers* will hopefully have that up this coming week. Please bear with me as my schedule is finally slowing down after the holidays. It's actually quite timely, since it's the start of 2011, to discuss getting rid of the crap in your life. I'm going to be talking about "clearing out crap" in the literal sense during my Colon Health Series, but figuratively speaking, you need to clear out the crap that is impeding your weight loss as well. One of which may in fact be toxic people. People who constantly tell you they have no faith you will succeed, continually put you down, and tell you what an embarassment you are while they recount all of your past failures... them pesky MFs GOT TO GO.

Like the rest of the world, I am absolutely enamored with Ted Williams. He's had two years clean, has been given an amazing chance at redemption, and is planning to rebuild his life. Why am I bringing him up? Because he has a toxic beast in his life who, if he does not get away from, will most certainly drive him to use within a month: His "Mother." I can look past a lot. I can look past the AP interview where instead of being appreciative her homeless son was discovered and would finally get off the streets, she instead donned a fur coat, recounted all of his past failures, and said how embarassed she was. I can look past the tearless, hugless, repitilian "welcome home" she gave her own child after a 20-yr separation, greeting him with the words "Don't disappoint me," and making continuous comments about his physical appearance. What I cannot look past is the interview below, where this narcissistic, self-absorbed, appearance-obsessed "mother" repeatedly shakes her head and makes it crystal clear that she values the opinions of others far more than the welfare, safety, and future success of her own damn child. I'm so hot right now... seething after watching the video below. Please, please hear me: you have THE WORST addiction there is because you can never walk away from food; therefore, this is THE ONLY addiction you are forced to overcome. If you are struggling to overcome this addiction, and you have someone like this in your life who continuously states they have no faith in you, is downright flippant about your future success, and is more obsessed with their own image in the eyes of the world than your health... GET AS FAR AWAY FROM THOSE TOXIC PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.