Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Vids In The Works! Stay Tuned!

Hang tight. My new beauty product vids are coming. I've gotten your emails. I know you're all interested in those. It's just that I want to post a couple of "mind" videos for you guys with some practical tools you can use every morning and every evening to elevate your energy and attraction. "Self-Love" plays such a huge role in "Attracting Success." So I really need to break down some practical steps for everyone to do on a daily basis. I'm editing together videos on:
1. Mirror Work (Looking yourself in the eyes and saying "I Love You" every morning)
2. Looking at Your Goals Every Morning (I watch a Powerpoint slide show during Meditation)
3. Vibrating Meditation (Morning & Evening plus a special trick I use to literally vibrate)
4. Gratitude Journal (Just typing 5 quick things at the end of the day--gratitude attracts success)
5. Subliminal Recordings (I listen to these as I sleep -- and yes, they work wonders)

That's it. All Very Type Z. If all my Subscribers did just those 5 things everyday for a month... 3,900 people doing that... WHEEEW! FORGET ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT -- THE FRIGGIN' EARTH WOULD MOVE! But what I'm really hearing from people is many lack a sense of worthiness... they self-sabatoge in the final lap... they don't feel they deserve to be beautiful... they don't feel they deserve their own time... they truly believe all of the negativity that has been shoved down their throats by people who had negativity shoved down their throats. We're all victims of victims. But to end the our addiction, we have to release all that negativity. To get to your Goal Body, you must begin with Self-Love.

You have the worst addiction there is. If you were a crack-head, meth-head, coke-head... you could walk away and never look at the stuff again. But you can never walk away from your drug... NEVER. You have to face your drug every day, repeatedly, and not indulge in it. How successful would a recovering alcoholic be who had to drink just a swig of liquor each day? Or a recovering addict, who had to shoot just a little heroin. Or Snoop Dogg just taking a puff of marijuanna? You have THE WORST addiction because you can never walk away from it as long as you live... you truly have no choice but to recover from it. So I feel I need to at least just put these videos out, especially right now when the creative energies are so strong and you guys are revved up to get this weight off... and then we can move onto more superficial stuff like stretch marks and eyelash growers!

So bear with me. New videos are coming. Just want them edited nicely and you guys know what a perfectionist I am! :)