Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Birth of The Easy Way Show

YAAY! My first early morning blog! WOOOO! Anyway, I got up early so I could write this. I was thinking about it last night. This friggin' Spring Equinox teaching is SOOOOO on-point! I can feel it. Not only does Spring just feel like a fresh start, but everything is magically coming together for me now to begin my show... from my schedule that "just happened" to begin freeing up... to some dishes that I "just happened" to find that would be perfect for my food reviews... then my new orthodontist talks me out of the spring aligners and molds my retainers that "just happen" to be arriving at the end of the month... then I found an amazing collection of background music that "just happened" to be 50% off... I "just happened" to find some research, quite by accident, for some show ideas I was thinking of a few days ago... I got some super cheap graphics and sound effects in an ebay auction that "just happened" to be ending in 1 hour... actually, I'm so dense that it didn't hit me until right then... I thought, "Wow, the auction is ending in 1 hour? That's not a coincidence -- that's the energies right now! OMG, could this all be the energies right now? Yes, dufus, it is!"

Anyway, on the podcast, Barbara is talking about how things just don't really line up for creating new projects during the Winter and especially during December and January. During that time, you're supposed to deepen and reflect back on what you've already been creating; and all your efforts to start new things are typically frustrated. Well, late last year was a hot mess for me! I wanted to start my show around November and had a series of family-related issues... in addition to always being behind with work... ufgh, it was just a mess. Then I thought, well I'll start it by Christmas... umm... Christmas came and went, son! I was still playing catch up and definitely did not have time to get myself together, get my website together, and get my show together.

As an aside, what's hilarious is I would still periodically log on to my email during that time and people would always begin their letters telling me how ridiculously busy they were, that they had all this holiday stuff going on in their lives, they were busy at work, busy with kids, busy with travel, they were so busy, they didn't even have time to think... and then proceed to ask, "So I'm waiting for your next video, I keep checking, when are you going to do it?" Oh, so your happy ass is allowed to have a life, but I'm not!

Anyway, so I begin researching for Spring Aligners, because my overbite is something I've wanted corrected my whole life. I'm totally planning for that to be my come-back video after Thanksgiving. Then I bite into something, crack a tooth, visit the dentist, and low and behold I need all this dental work before I can even get to an orthodontist to get the Spring Aligners. I had no idea my teeth were so bad.

I started wearing my compression suit, but because I prefer to sleep... umm... disrobed... au naturale... I couldn't get into the habit of wearing it every night. So I have to restart that series.

I did a whole booty short series, to document me getting into some booty shorts I bought. Then I went through one of my hard-core cleaning fits in December... and I think I threw them out! LOL They looked like a little dusty, old blue rag and in my mind's eye, I think I remember throwing them away! I can't find them anywhere! LOL

I wanted my relatives to do my hair in December, but they wanted to hack so much of it off because of the damage, and because they're all into modern styling... I just said, forget that... I'll do it myself! I don't want it tamed and cut into a modern style. How boring! I like big, poofy, 1975, Diana Ross hair. Does anything about me strike you as someone who gives a sh!# about fitting in?!

I start filming for my Rapidlash series and I kept forgetting to document the date. So I have a "Week 1" clip and several subsequent clips, but I have no proof of the date, so I have to restart that series.

Really cool things were happening that I didn't document because I was too distracted to even notice... such as my chest scar disappearing. Thank goodness I have those early talking videos that none of you watched! So at least I have those for my MSM Series.

Anyway, it was just one disconnect after another. I just "couldn't get out the blocks" when it came to this friggin show! Just one frustration after another. Even once the new year began... still extremely busy... overworked... nothing is working. Then along comes Barbara Hand Clow's teaching on the Spring Equinox, and literally, like magic, like a light switch got flipped, everything is lining up... the friggin clouds parted... beams of sunlight... the angel chorus... it's all coming together now! Now maybe that is because of my shift in thinking and thus the energies I'm attracting right now... but the more I research the Spring Equinox and ancient practices, I tend to lean toward the teaching that Barbara Hand Clow is giving. This was always celebrated as the start of a new year. I feel it in my being and I am living the fact that this is truly the time that is designated for the birthing of new things... fresh ideas... new projects... it's all true. Everything that is happening is too much of a coincidence. Spring really is the true start of a new year.

So anyway, I said all this to say, please be on the look out for the things you are attracting that are going to help you manifest your intentions this year. Many things will be coming to you during this creative period. Luv y'all! 10 in 2010! You can do it! WOOOOO! :)