Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally a Raw Foodist Shows The Truth of Wild Spring Water

When you see these delusional people going around gathering "wild" spring water, you want to scream, "Hold up, son... You have no idea what has been done to that water before you got to it." It turns out, the truth is more sickening. Even when they see with their own eyes something revolting done in the water RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, these entranced zombies will still gather it and drink it! I'm going to embed a video below. You guys know me; I was going to exploit the comedy of this clip, and it would be hilarious if it weren't so repugnant. Daniel Vitalis takes these people to his "sacred" spring pond. They are gathering wild spring water TO DRINK, and this man films his friend stick her feet in it. The only thing more vile than this woman sticking her feet in the spring water she is watching people gather for drinking, are the wimps lacking the balls to stand up and tell her to take her filthy feet out of it! And what's truly gross... THEY DRINK IT! You actually see people drinking it. Drinking this woman's toe-jam, funk, and parasites! Yeesh... had to shake off my chills! Now y'all know I'm a germaphobe, but this is the next level of nasty! This was done in public... can you imagine what is done in this water when no one is looking? We will discuss Reverse Osmosis Water, but I am SOOOOO anti-wild spring water for this very reason. Not only does it clearly make you a complete wimp; it's just filthy! This is why Wayne Gendel teaches, it is UNSANITARY to be going around gathering wild spring water.
You can skip to time 2:07

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hit The Lottery Again... well kinda...

Hey, I celebrate every win! So anyway, this week I decided to change my lottery strategy. Scratch-offs are fun, but with the same $1 you spend on them, you could actually be playing some numbers and hit the state Lotto Jackpot! So I decided to forgo the scratch-offs and instead spend that money playing a bunch of different number combinations. Of course, I loyally listen to my Attract Money Subliminal Messages and Win The Lottery Subliminal Album. In Florida, we have the Lotto Wednesday and Saturday. I was just going to play them on Saturday, but since I had to stop for gas anyway, I thought up a bunch of numbers and decided to go ahead and play Wed & Sat for the next 2 weeks. So I got my pre-paid ticket and -- drumroll -- my new lottery strategy already paid off! My ticket was half-full again! WOOO! On one of my plays I got two numbers, which means I get a free ticket, but... on another one of my plays I got half the lottery numbers! OK, Millions of people play and don't win a thing; that's how the jackpot increases. Do you realize the odds of getting half of the numbers? Well, I did it AGAIN! WOOOOO! Y'all think I'm playin, I am going to hit the friggin lottery, you watch! If anyone is going to hit the lottery, it will be my crazy behind, because you guys know I believe in all this positive energy and subliminal stuff! Anyway, I'll give you guys an update next week... from my castle in Ireland! HAHAHAHA!