Friday, March 12, 2010

My Vanishing Scar!

OMG! I'm supposed to be working but I have to blog! LOL I just noticed that the scar (left from my evil, vicious eczema attacks) on my chest has damn-near vanished! OK, normal people with eczema get flare ups in inconspicuous places: behind their knees, ankles, under their arms, etc. Of course, nothing about me is normal, so my eczema flares up right on my chest to broadcast to the world that I have a skin disorder! Well, I haven't had a flare up in a really long time, but the scar has just always been a part of my life. It's in my brother's wedding video; it's in my vacation pictures; it's basically my "Plus One" to every event! LOL Anyway, I look in the mirror, and damn thing is almost gone. OK, I can't make this up people! Look at my early talking videos... yes, the "talking" ones... y'know, the ones no one ever watch... well, look under my chin and you will see a dark scar that is on my chest. Well look at my most recent videos... IT'S AMOST GONE! This should be a testament to the fact that I am not vain in the slightest. I never even noticed it was going away! But let me also point out, this is from *EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE* MSM Soap use. As I specify on my Schedule Page, I was bathing 3 times per day (actually some days 4, but I didn't want to seem completely psycho). Anyway, now I'm going to pay attention and video tape that scar in particular. I also use the MSM cream now and take the supplement as well. So now my videos will show the effects of a combination of all of that. Anyway, back to work! I'm just so excited! AAAAAHHHHHH! I love getting those kinds of surprises! :)
Caveat: As always, please speak with your doctors; don't just repeat what I do. I'm not a doctor -- I'm a germaphobe psycho! :)