Friday, February 26, 2010

YAAAAY Q Reached His Goal!!

Look how handsome he looks! OMG! CONGRATS Q!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loose Skin & Stretch Marks

By far, the number one email I get is from people asking what I did to prevent getting stretch marks and having loose, hanging skin. My allegeries helped me luck up into my "skin secret." I went to school on the west coast, and my tree-hugging, trustafarian roommate put me on to MSM Soap. (BTW, a "trustafarian" is like Andy Samberg's Ras Trent character -- one of those rich trust fund kids who choose to look like Rastafarians). Anyway, her friggin advice was on-point, son! I've been using MSM Soap ever since. I did not suffer from extreme stretch marks when I was packing the weight on, and I have not suffer from hanging loose skin after taking it off. Make sure to watch LovingRaw's MSM video also with even more tips for the beauty dilemma of stretchy skin to help you become a 10 in 2010.

I've used the MSM Soap for years and I recently began taking the MSM capsule supplements and using the MSM cream. This will be an ongoing series on my new "Beauty Dilemmas" Page of my web site. For links to the specific products I use, information on MSM, and testimonial links visit These are my personal results on my MSM Journey, and all products I use & showcase have been paid for by me.

Finally Finished Next Video

I was going crazy with the editing! I really took the editing to the extreme. The thing is, unless you know all the time that goes into making little things move, it just looks like any old random video! LOL I'm sure all my subscribers are thinking, "What the hell took her so long?" LOL Anyway, I'll probably have it up "Public" for everyone tomorrow. I'm taking down the video page on my site to make room for the "Beauty Dilemmas" Page. Everyone can see all my videos on my youtube channel anyway, so I really don't need that page on my site. Anyway, everytime I want to whine about how long it takes to edit my videos, I look at DeStorm's channel and I shut my face! This is my favorite video of his. I want to eventually do something like this! Now this is friggin' video editing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congrats Impatient Dieters!

AAAAHHHH! Everyone is doing soooo well on their diet programs! WOOOOOOO!! Wow, thanks for all the updates guys. I really do appreciate that! I never knew so few mothers taught their children the phrase "Thank you" until I started vlogging! Anyway, I PROMISE to have this next video up either tonight or tomorrow. I'm working so friggin' hard on it right now! I'm such a perfectionist. I just want it to be edited perfectly... especially since I'm featuring Philip McCluskey! He's such a friggin' guru! Alright, let me get back cracking, but thank you sooo much everyone for keeping me posted on your progress. It really keeps my spirits high! :) Anyway, have you guys ever watched the youtube channel, failblog? They're hilarious! Check them out. Here's a special Valentine's Day one:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Holidays Impatient Dieter Style!

Ummm... why is every girl expected to flip out over Valentine's Day? I will admit, I have never been the "Romantic" Type, but now my friends are shooting over emails, giving me sh!# for "passing" on a few invitations. Goodness... it was a friggin' Sunday and I have crap to do! Everyone knows I'm weird, but does it make me completely insane that I had no desire to celebrate this ridiculous Hallmark Holiday? Go out on another weekend when I'm not so busy; who cares what friggin' day it is?! But I got to thinking... I'm supposed to be transforming myself this year. And to be honest, I'm not very big on celebrating any holidays at all. So it's something I can work on this year. I'm considering adding a section to my web site where I have videos celebrating every holiday buuuutt... with a twist! I'm loving these sexy stripper costumes! And since I can't trapse around in my underwear forever doing body shots, I think this is a fun idea to wear a sexy costume celebrating the corresponding holiday. If you're a weightloss vlogger, you know everyone is CONSTANTLY asking for body shots. This would be a great "Impatient Dieter twist" on the boring, traditional body shot! My only concern is I don't want to give my haters such an easy target... I can hear them now complaining about how I'm degrading holidays with skimpy clothes. But oh well, these costumes are hot as hell and those chicks will never stop gossiping about me anyway! And it's my friggin' year to be a 10 in 2010! LOL Anyway, speaking of that, this video is so cute! Hope you guys had a Happy Valentine's Day / Chinese New Year! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working On My Site & New Video

Hey Y'all! Adding a new page to my site for "Beauty Dilemmas" and my first video on it will feature Youtube Celebrity, Philip McCluskey (Loving Raw) and how my allergies helped me "luck up" into my "skin secret." Don't worry; it will make sense when you see the video. I'm soooo excited about it. I love, love, love Philip McCluskey!!! Also, hopefully I'll finish the body shot playlist this weekend. Still have to cut together the clips for days 4 to 21. Really want to get that done so I can stop getting those incessant emails! Anyway.... BUUURRRR! It's cold! You guys laughed at my Snuggie before... Who's laughing now! Stay warm everyone! Anyway, I can't have animals due to my allergies, so I have to live vicariously through Youtubers. Check out this hilarious bird! Who knew Cannibal Corpse had this affect?!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Impatient Dieter Blog

A daily show was a bit too ambitious with my schedule, at least for the time being. As I say on my channel profile, I am just as busy as you, I just also happen to have a YouTube channel as well. I will post videos as often as I can, but people always email asking for an update. Text updates will be posted here on my New, Official Blog for YouTube's Most Impatient Dieter! My updates will come soon! Thanks for tuning in and watching my videos. I really, really appreciate all the love and support! WOOOO!