Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally Finished Next Video

I was going crazy with the editing! I really took the editing to the extreme. The thing is, unless you know all the time that goes into making little things move, it just looks like any old random video! LOL I'm sure all my subscribers are thinking, "What the hell took her so long?" LOL Anyway, I'll probably have it up "Public" for everyone tomorrow. I'm taking down the video page on my site to make room for the "Beauty Dilemmas" Page. Everyone can see all my videos on my youtube channel anyway, so I really don't need that page on my site. Anyway, everytime I want to whine about how long it takes to edit my videos, I look at DeStorm's channel and I shut my face! This is my favorite video of his. I want to eventually do something like this! Now this is friggin' video editing!