Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MSM Lotion - An Alternative I'll Test

OK, enough of you have complained! I guess the MSM Soap is too expensive for many of you. OK, let's recap: I said that I use it because of ALLERGIES; the beauty benefits of preventing stretch marks and loose skin were just an unexpected and pleasant side effect. Therefore, those of you who do not have allergies, may not necessarily need the soap to see fabulous results. So I am including a more affordable MSM Lotion in my testing series. It is the strongest formulation available on the market today, and at only $9 for a large 8 oz bottle, it's probably cheaper than the Bath & Body Works lotion you are using right now! I cannot do much better than this people. I will showcase my results using it in upcoming videos.

For information on my MSM Series, as well as all of the products I am testing during my 10 in 2010 Series, please visit my Beauty Page at www.EasyWayShow.com/beauty.html.