Thursday, August 26, 2010


...well actually, I got half of the lottery... numbers, that is! LOL But I still won! I'm happy! OK, I'm working on a bunch of other videos right now and all my series will begin in September, but had to share this with y'all real quick, especially since so many of you are interested in the Money Subliminal Messages.

Anyway, I have a pretty addictive personality. Typically, I express mine by being a workaholic, but I started listening to the Win The Lottery Subliminal Album and had a fabulous run at Bingo one night! Now, this would be great for a "balanced personality," but for an "addictive-type" like myself, well... I quickly went from being a casual, once-every-few-months Bingo player to being a twice-a-week addict! Me and my new-found Senior Citizen Besties were the first to arrive and the last to leave. Anyway, after a few weeks of this nonsense, I decided last week that I needed to break my habit and I tweeted to you guys that I wasn't going last weekend... but I play my Subliminal Albums Playlist in the background constantly. Well, in Florida, we have the lottery twice a week: Wednesday and Saturday. I don't play the "real" lottery; I just play Bingo... hey, it's a Florida thing. But anyway, I had the strong urge to buy a real lottery ticket yesterday... AND I WON... well not the jackpot, but I got half of the numbers, plus I got the "Xtra Draw," so I won $25 biggins (see the video below). I'm telling you guys, I am attracting money all over the place! Now, granted, it wasn't the big one... but hey, that's $25 Bucks! WOOOOO! What sucks is, I got half the numbers... so why don't I get half the $15 million? lolz

Anyway, Plain and Simple: Their Subliminal Messages Rock!
They have everything from "Attract Money in Abundance" to "Win The Lottery" to "Change Your Beliefs About Money". I'm going to give you guys my reviews of all during this series. I'm so happy... my ticket was half-full! WOOOO!

My Subliminal Messages Series: