Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loose Skin & Stretch Marks

By far, the number one email I get is from people asking what I did to prevent getting stretch marks and having loose, hanging skin. My allegeries helped me luck up into my "skin secret." I went to school on the west coast, and my tree-hugging, trustafarian roommate put me on to MSM Soap. (BTW, a "trustafarian" is like Andy Samberg's Ras Trent character -- one of those rich trust fund kids who choose to look like Rastafarians). Anyway, her friggin advice was on-point, son! I've been using MSM Soap ever since. I did not suffer from extreme stretch marks when I was packing the weight on, and I have not suffer from hanging loose skin after taking it off. Make sure to watch LovingRaw's MSM video also with even more tips for the beauty dilemma of stretchy skin to help you become a 10 in 2010.

I've used the MSM Soap for years and I recently began taking the MSM capsule supplements and using the MSM cream. This will be an ongoing series on my new "Beauty Dilemmas" Page of my web site. For links to the specific products I use, information on MSM, and testimonial links visit These are my personal results on my MSM Journey, and all products I use & showcase have been paid for by me.