Friday, June 4, 2010

Subliminal Messages Are No Joke!

OK, I have a shy guy friend who doesn't realize he could actually be quite conceited if he wanted to be. Y'know those types? The ones who don't realize how cute they are? Don't you love those guys! OK, but as a result of this, he is extraordinarily pessimistic, negative, skeptical... and has the nerve to wonder why nothing good ever flows to him. Of course he thinks I'm a fruity dreamer with my head in the clouds with all my talk about positive thinking and whatnot; but I'm loud and crazy so he loves me. Despite being so pessimistic, he is actually friggin' hilarious so we always have a good time. Anyway, that's the background. OK, so, he launches into this comedy routine about how even the raggediest women get compliments all day... How you never see a toothless woman who doesn't have 3 kids... How he overhears his desperate friends hitting on the homeliest women all the time... How he turns around to see the women they're talking to and is like... DAY-YUM! But how even the best looking guys rarely get compliments out of the blue from women. I told him he needs to record some of this crap because he's a friggin stand-up comic but doesn't know it! Anyway, so I'm telling him about Female Attraction Subliminal Messages and how they work... you can imagine how receptive he was to this idea... especially coming from his crazy-ass friend, me! So I said, "Well just let me download some messages for you. If I make you a CD will you play it at night?" He's like, "OK, so I have to listen to birds chirping all night to get women to fall all over me?" I'm like, "Whatever! STFU! Just try it."

Fast forward to about 3 weeks later. OK, I don't answer anything that says "Private"... even though I know some of my friends' calls come through that way on my cell... and I'm kind of a slacker when it comes to playing my voicemails too... I'm horrible people... especially since I went into hibernation trying to learn friggin Photoshop & Flash... trust me, you would all hate me IRL! Anyway, so he shows up at my door and says, "Take this crap back! What the hell is on that?! That is some scarey sh*t!" I'm like, "What happened?" He proceeds to go into this comedy routine about how the makers of these subliminal messages are going to be sued! He's telling me about how he didn't really notice anything at first, but now he can't go through a Walmart checkout line without 75-year-old women riding shopping buggies, telling him how good he smells. I was on the floor, literally rolling around. He's telling me all these stories of what has happened to him in past 3 weeks... most of which I can't repeat in this forum... women standing too close, grinning all up in his grill, rubbing up on him, hovering over him. He's like, "I've been calling your hermit ass to tell you about this... it's like, damn, get these women off me... Now, do they warn you that these don't just work on the women you want?" I'm like, "The women aren't listening to them... it's YOU that's different! Those are the women YOU are attracting! Those are the ones YOU want!" He's like, "Well, I definitely don't want the K-mart cashier with the lazy eye, staring at me with her good eye and barely able to bag my stuff with the other!" I'm like, "Well that must be what you unconsciously believe you deserve. You need to listen to some different messages on self-esteem so you can raise your energy vibration and attract those..." He cuts me off, "HELL NO! I'm not listening to any more of your freaky-ass crap!" I'm like, "I told your behind! I would NEVER IN LIFE listen to attraction subliminal messages! I KNOW what kind of freaks I would attract!"

So anyway, people, let this be a cautionary tale. Make sure you guys are VERY selective with the subliminal messages you download from that site. They are no joke! The weight loss ones are very powerful and I love them (plus, I've been getting great feedback from y'all on them)... BUUUUUTTTT... about the others... Subliminal Messages are nothing to play with; they are implanted DIRECTLY in your subconscious mind. BE CAREFUL with the messages you download from that site. Read the Scripts... Read the FAQs... and for most of you women, I would suggest that you stick to ONLY the weight loss messages for now... especially after reading all your "I hate myself, low self-esteem" emails... Lordamercy, the kind of men y'all would attract! Stick to the weight loss and diet messages and then I'll post some other videos, and we'll discuss graduating to some of the other messages! OK, Love Y'all! :)

**EDIT: Didn't know so many of you did not see the underbar links. No, I do not listen to all of the Weight Loss Messages. These are the 3 Weight Loss Subliminals I listen to:
Motivation To Exercise
Motivation For Diets
Lose Weight Permanently
All Weight Loss Subliminal Messages


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