Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working On My Site & New Video

Hey Y'all! Adding a new page to my site for "Beauty Dilemmas" and my first video on it will feature Youtube Celebrity, Philip McCluskey (Loving Raw) and how my allergies helped me "luck up" into my "skin secret." Don't worry; it will make sense when you see the video. I'm soooo excited about it. I love, love, love Philip McCluskey!!! Also, hopefully I'll finish the body shot playlist this weekend. Still have to cut together the clips for days 4 to 21. Really want to get that done so I can stop getting those incessant emails! Anyway.... BUUURRRR! It's cold! You guys laughed at my Snuggie before... Who's laughing now! Stay warm everyone! Anyway, I can't have animals due to my allergies, so I have to live vicariously through Youtubers. Check out this hilarious bird! Who knew Cannibal Corpse had this affect?!