Thursday, August 26, 2010


...well actually, I got half of the lottery... numbers, that is! LOL But I still won! I'm happy! OK, I'm working on a bunch of other videos right now and all my series will begin in September, but had to share this with y'all real quick, especially since so many of you are interested in the Money Subliminal Messages.

Anyway, I have a pretty addictive personality. Typically, I express mine by being a workaholic, but I started listening to the Win The Lottery Subliminal Album and had a fabulous run at Bingo one night! Now, this would be great for a "balanced personality," but for an "addictive-type" like myself, well... I quickly went from being a casual, once-every-few-months Bingo player to being a twice-a-week addict! Me and my new-found Senior Citizen Besties were the first to arrive and the last to leave. Anyway, after a few weeks of this nonsense, I decided last week that I needed to break my habit and I tweeted to you guys that I wasn't going last weekend... but I play my Subliminal Albums Playlist in the background constantly. Well, in Florida, we have the lottery twice a week: Wednesday and Saturday. I don't play the "real" lottery; I just play Bingo... hey, it's a Florida thing. But anyway, I had the strong urge to buy a real lottery ticket yesterday... AND I WON... well not the jackpot, but I got half of the numbers, plus I got the "Xtra Draw," so I won $25 biggins (see the video below). I'm telling you guys, I am attracting money all over the place! Now, granted, it wasn't the big one... but hey, that's $25 Bucks! WOOOOO! What sucks is, I got half the numbers... so why don't I get half the $15 million? lolz

Anyway, Plain and Simple: Their Subliminal Messages Rock!
They have everything from "Attract Money in Abundance" to "Win The Lottery" to "Change Your Beliefs About Money". I'm going to give you guys my reviews of all during this series. I'm so happy... my ticket was half-full! WOOOO!

My Subliminal Messages Series:

Thursday, August 19, 2010


OK, as you guys know, my orthodontist is correcting my overbite with retainers. My teeth are looking great -- only a few more months left to go -- video coming next week. Anyway, I was brushing my teeth when I heard something fall... a light "click" sound on the floor. I was in a rush and wasn't paying attention, when suddenly my foot crunched something. I looked down, and it was my top retainer! UUUUGGHHH!! So I visited my orthodontist's office and was told by his assistants it would cost me $300 to get a replacement and would set back my "Operation Buck Teeth" for one month while they ordered a new one. Well, as you guys know, I have been listening to Law of Attraction Subliminal Messages, one of which is this --> Attract Money. For some odd reason, I handed the assistant my retainer before leaving because I didn't know if they needed it for comparison or something when the new one came in. She gave me her typical condescending grin--ufgh... I don't like those chicks! Anyway, my orthodontist is a friggin genius. He had his office call me in the afternoon to say he looked at it and he might be able to simply repair it. So yesterday, I was presented with this (see the video below). You can still see the crack down the center, but that's just because the acrylic is translucent. Anyway, he repaired it by adding acrylic over the top and bottom... SAVING ME $300 BIGGINS, SON! WOOOOO! I'm telling you guys, I have been attracting money all over the place! These Subliminal Messages Rock! I have also been listening to the "Win The Lottery" Messages and I would brag about my Bingo winnings but I had to back off of going... I was becoming a bit of an addict... I was arriving there even before the old people in wheelchairs... plus I'm loud as hell and they all wear hearing aids... my "WOOO"s don't go over well at all!

And... wait a second... I have been attracting money for you guys too! For everyone interested in getting a heavy-duty latex compression suit, I have been in contact with this fabulous company who is offering Total Body Compression Suits With Latex for only $30! Yes, the latex ones... $30. They offer a bunch of others too that I ordered -- some that are hard-core like the Body Magic (with a hook-and-eye closure underneath the zipper), and they even have some that come with booty pads! lolz Now seeing me with booty pads is going to be friggin' hilarious! Y'all don't want to miss this series. They even have some that make your boobs look bigger. Anyway, we'll discuss them all in my Compression Suit Series, starting in a few days -- this is gonna be A LOT of fun. View my Compression Suit Page for details.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Support Canadian Inspirational Mom Entrepreneur!

Hey Canadian Viewers! Just a quick favor. There is a fabulous, Inspirational Teacher and Coach who has supported me from Day One of my journey! Her name is Natalie and her positive life energy is truly out of this world! Like many of you, she is a mother and she has entered a Canadian Mom Entrepreneur Contest that would not only change her and her children's lives, but enable her to expand her business and change the lives of many others. She deserves to win! Please take 5 minutes out of your day to share your love and light by simply casting a vote for her. Since Voters will also be entered to win Canadian monetary prizes, you must be a Canadian Resident to vote (so if you have a friend or relative in Canada, please ask them to do so... you guys are my only Canadian friends, so I'm asking you! :) It's a Quick, Easy, Type Z Way for us to get some more light in this world... ehh!


Thanks guys! Luv y'all! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Linda Eaves & My Goodie Basket

This is my first interactive post! Read the column on the left & play the short videos on the right.
I am testing out Youtube's new "Private/Unlisted" video setting. LOL

So, I keep a basket of items to return to the store, next to my front door. This basket is comically referred to as my "Return Basket," but is in fact my "Goodie Basket." My friends can always look forward to leaving with random loot, because I never actually return anything to stores. In fact, everyone from plumbers to air conditioning repair men have benefitted from my "Return Basket"; everyone, that is, except me... until now! This weekend, my guests were instead greeted by a basket that looked like this...

Much to their chagrin, everything was returned... well almost everything... I didn't return that horrid Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Even though the lady told me over the phone I could. I don't know, I just felt weird walking in there with a razor I already used! It's been in the bathtub with me; it's seen my boobs! Anyway, as a side note: If you can find one, the Gillette Mach 3 Power--it's the green one--which I have owned since 2005, is truly what's up. That dreadful Gillette Fusion is NOT!

Anyway with my returns, I scored a cool $110... and these are my receipts to prove it. These are all Walmart receipts, but I folded over the address section because I live in rural Florida, and I don't want to run into any of you there... you've seen my boobs! LOL Anyway, as a side note: most of Florida is rural as hell. Those of you who expect to see Mickey Mouse and Voluptuous, Will Smith-type, Miami Senoritas everywhere, will be sorely surprised when you come here and meet us "Real Ones!"

Anyway, if you aren't certain, there are in fact 5 ways to tell if you live in country-ass, rural Florida...

You have HomeDepot, Lowes & TractorSupply, but no Gaps
Your "next-door" neighbor lives a half a mile away.
You have 5 BBQ Restaurants but no Chinese Restaurants.
Your neighbor has 5 cars and only 1 of them runs.
Your backyard looks like this...

Now you Twitterers see why I'm always whining about spiders. Yes, the peace and tranquility of rural Florida totally rocks... until that peace is shattered by prehistoric, Tyrannosaurus Rex, hairy, overweight, 8-legged beasts, bred in the Amazonian Rain Forest you call a backyard!

So what was my inspiration to make myself richer? Well, as you guys know, I have been listening to Attract Money In Abundance Subliminal Messages, and I've been getting this strong urge to at least calculate up how much money I just pretty much throw away. I justify my "Goodie Basket" with, "oh, but I'm giving stuff away..." In reality, it is an act of not valuing yourself and your own needs.

So I sent out a little tweet asking if anyone actually returned things to stores. And of course, an up-and-coming teacher, Ms. Perfect... err... Ms. Linda Eaves, answered. She recommended that I put my receipts in my car and return all that stuff.

So, I decided to take her advice. I called ahead of time to warn them I had a basket full of items and receipts. They laughed and told me to bring it in. Thanks to Ms. Linda Eaves' wisdom & encouragement, I'm $110 richer today... well a few Miami Male Review Strippers are... just kidding! Anyway, everyone check her out and support Youtube-grown teachers. She's 146 lbs lighter and a fabulous teacher specializing in... well... everything!!! And from puppies, to karaoke, to home painting, she welcomes you to join in and enjoy her exciting life journey. Don't miss her new Series "52 Ways To Be Your Lover!" :)